We haul heavy loads on 6 axles. Three axled tractor and 3 axled trailer. Is a 40,000lb rear end and 12,000lb front end axles enough. We usually gross around 93,000lbs. Thanks in advance.

1 Replies Last Post: 8/19/2018
Why are hopper rates lagging so bad compared to any others out there. Tyson says there getting killed on logistic rates. Where is the freight money going if trucking rates are still very low for hoppers. the answer is reefers and dry vans. We pulled off some hoppers to pull reefers and are making a solid $1.00 to $1.50 a mile better than hopper rates.

91 Replies + 52 - 157 Last Post: 8/19/2018
I had a company refuse to pay me after they said they didn?t receive invoice so we resent it they said it was to old to pay some say I can file on there broker bond any info on this and or how to do it cross country transport is the name of company

7 Replies + 2 - 2 Last Post: 8/19/2018
I?m have trouble find end dump work that pays the bills. Yes my bills are higher than most, but why are van trailers making 3 plus a mile and I?m on the high side of 2.50 on a good load. Help is welcome and appreciated. Thank you

4 Replies + 5 Last Post: 8/18/2018
After 7 days of working on the road, I set aside my weekly cost for my truck payment, trailer payment, insurance, taxes, licence plates, basis equipment PM cost (not including major repair bills like tires, engine overhauls, transmissions, rearends, and etc.), fuel, washouts, paying to park 1/2 the time now days, tolls, and broker fees not including or to mention the cost of a stupid shitty hotdog these places charge you at any place you are allowed to park a truck at. Seems a little unfair that

31 Replies + 26 - 17 Last Post: 8/18/2018
I suppose nothing can be done about it, but I think it's unfortunate that this forum is fast becoming just another broker board. No shippers with loads, few carriers with trucks. Just brokers with a cell phone.

2 Replies + 4 - 4 Last Post: 8/18/2018
One must remember nothing changes until you do.

2 Replies + 4 - 1 Last Post: 8/18/2018
The government screwed stuff up for the farmers with their trade policies, then turns around gives them a $12 billion dollar bail out. That same government screwed stuff up for us truckers with the ELD, but we don't get a bailout? How many of you shippers have seen economic losses since December 18th? Did any of you get a bailout? There is a election coming up this fall.

26 Replies + 30 - 12 Last Post: 8/18/2018
Starting Monday August 20....if you're not making $1,200-1,500 per DAY, you're truly missing out. Tickets turned in by Tuesday are in your bank account by Friday with NO FEE. POWER ONLY. Call John Buchanan direct at (662)441-1969 or email jb[email protected] for the details. This is the opportunity you've been looking for!

1 Replies Last Post: 8/17/2018
I have 4 available loads going from the Sparks, NV area to Houston, TX. These are ready to go now at 25 tons per truck, if interested please give me a call at 775-217-7097.Thanks,

Last Post: 8/17/2018
Needing some flatbeds in utah to go to various parts of the us. if interested call jon 785-404-2244

2 Replies - 1 Last Post: 8/17/2018
2 loads of no tarp/direct shipment lumber available Tuesday August 21st and 2 loads of the same available August 22nd. Picking up in Middlefield, OH delivering to Monticello, KY. Easy loads. Appr. 47,000 pounds each. For more info email [email protected] or [email protected]

Last Post: 8/17/2018
Available for 2018 Fall Harvest in and around Ohio. [email protected] 740-973-6016 Johnstown Ohio 45ft Nebraska Cornhusker High side Hopper.

Last Post: 8/17/2018
I have a project starting next month that I will require 7-10 end dumps a month to run 21 tons of loose scrap metal aggregate from Denver CO to City of Industry CA I'm looking to pay $96 per ton. Please reach out to me at (513)831-2600 extension 44832 if you have any questions about this or have capacity to run these loads. If you can dedicate 7 truc

- 2 Last Post: 8/17/2018
I am looking for Pneumatic Trucks to haul product every day out of Buffalo, KS going to various locations in OK and TX. PLease call 402-934-7537 or email [email protected] if you can help. Thank you

5 Replies - 1 Last Post: 8/16/2018
Daily scrap loads. Lewiston to Freeport. Possible backhaul stop in Hollidaysburg. Call or email Rich-Direct Drive [email protected]

Last Post: 8/16/2018
I'm looking to rent an end dump trailer for about a month or so if anybody knows of where I can find one. My contact info is posted below. We are based out of Cochranton, PA. Amanda Urey Trucking, LLC Office phone 814-425-1228 Cell 814-439-5436

1 Replies Last Post: 8/16/2018
Ag Partners LLC is an elevator with 12 locations in NW Iowa. We are looking for trucks with hoppers to help us transfer grain in between our elevators for the 2018 fall harvest (Sept to pry around mid November). If you have any interest please email [email protected] or call 712-843-5232 (leave a VM if I don't answer) Nick

4 Replies + 1 - 3 Last Post: 8/16/2018
im looking for some end dump brokers tia

6 Replies Last Post: 8/16/2018
Power only needed for load out trailers. We have trailers available in: Allentown, PA [5]

9 Replies + 5 - 5 Last Post: 8/16/2018
New washout located in Southwest MO. Hopper & reefer trailers. $35Hours are M-F 6 am to 6pmWeekend by appointment only.8195 Lawrence 1010La Russell, MO 64848417.669.3516

+ 1 Last Post: 8/16/2018
We have Ogallala NE and Paxton NE: Enogen corn that needs to move to Lyons KS over the next 4 weeks. We can loads as many as 10 loads per day M-F. May be able to load out Saturday morning as well. Just would need to work it out with the farmer, Lyons KS recieves M-F 7 -4pm. Please let us know if you have any Hoppers / Belts or Walking floors available to help with these. Please conta

Last Post: 8/15/2018
Kansas City, Mo (26) To Laredo, Tx(13) 53'(13) 48'

9 Replies + 4 - 2 Last Post: 8/14/2018
Brazil, IN Augusta, ME (1,166.4 mi)

8 Replies + 4 - 2 Last Post: 8/14/2018
I have the capacity & trucks for all of your loadout trailers, please email me at jrodriguez

- 11 Last Post: 8/14/2018
Hello, Over the past few months we have been working on creating podcasts, featuring members on our website and industry professionals discussing all topics in trucking, bulk hauling, government regulations and products/services to help and inform our industry. Click here to listen to our first podcast with Chad Vilwok with Tallgrass Commodities

3 Replies + 6 Last Post: 8/14/2018
Lane: Ogdensburg, NY - Gastonia, NC Product: Strontium Ferrite Looking for drop & hook capabilities. This lane will run daily. Please call Anna Kelley at 205-378-8704 or email [email protected]

Last Post: 8/14/2018
Pickup: Fredonia, AZ Dropp off: just outside of Castle Dale, UT *Looking for 20 truckloads a day, hauling 2/7 260 miles 1 way Paying $11 CY - most trucks are hauling excess of 125 CY a load ... so the material is light Call me if you are intersted. 208-628-3133 Office or 208-305-3370 Cell -Ask for Niki

1 Replies Last Post: 8/14/2018
We're looking for a hopper bottom trailer for lease or rent for a couple months until our new trailer comes in. Does anyone have any options for rental or lease?

8 Replies Last Post: 8/14/2018
Anybody got any leads that may be able to help my cousin out with this? Details below. 3 show pigs, 325lbs each (maybe 4). Picked up Around Salem Oregon September 3 afternoon. Dates flexible but need out by the 6th. To storm lake IA area.

+ 1 Last Post: 8/13/2018
if you are interested in hearing on local dallas work. i have work for you. decent pay. Just something for a local guy. hoppers give me a call 785-404-2244

Last Post: 8/13/2018
If any of you companies in the south have a guy named Randall Dockery apply, I would suggest not hiring him. He will Tear your equipment up, and as soon as child support finds him he splits and will leave your equipment wherever he is at.

1 Replies + 3 Last Post: 8/13/2018
Alot of loads going from nd to tx. Great rates.

Last Post: 8/13/2018
Anyone have belly dump loads in the permain basin. I have my own authority, truck and trailer.

+ 1 Last Post: 8/13/2018
Just learned a valuable lesson today. We was leased on to Rocky wells out of south Carolina for 4 weeks. In 4 weeks we only earned 1800$ now come on how can u make that as an owner operator u can't I will tell you. That is the creepiest company I ever seen.

15 Replies + 59 - 48 Last Post: 8/13/2018
For all owner operators that have your own authority that have hoppers that is looking for dedicated Lanes in the midwest please give Sleep's Trucking a call. I'm looking to add about six more trucks on to get ready for a very busy fall season. Sleep's Trucking can also accommodate any other lanes that drivers may have anywhere in the United States. I charge a small percentage for dispatch fees and logistic services. We they are drivers direct deposit one week out. For more information please ca

- 4 Last Post: 8/13/2018
Large end dump down in NC 2-3 times a week. Looking for load coming back into PA or Nj. Thanks

1 Replies + 1 Last Post: 8/13/2018
4 Month run 2 way rates, Need Hoppers/Floors/Dumps

6 Replies + 1 - 1 Last Post: 8/13/2018
I am checking to see if there any belt trailers, walking floors, and/or end dumps that need loads from NC back to Indiana. We have a customer, or a potential customer, that wants us to check on the availability of trucks heading that way during March thru Oct. We are anticipating 20 to 35 truckloads per year. The rate has not been discussed. If anyone is interested, let me know with your rate, based on being loaded in Henderson, NC, and delivering to Indianapolis and Westfield, IND.

7 Replies + 2 Last Post: 8/13/2018
Does anyone ever haul ddg in a dump trailer. Does it come out the coal shoot ok. It would only be on the trailer 3 or 4 hours but we have to dump out the coal shoot.

4 Replies + 1 Last Post: 8/13/2018
I have the capacity & trucks for all of your Trucking needs, please email me at jrodriguez

- 11 Last Post: 8/13/2018
I have the capacity & trucks for all of your loadout trailers, please email me at jrodriguez

- 7 Last Post: 8/13/2018
CDL Drivers- Great Money Making Opportunity!!! Are you looking for work in agriculture hauling ear corn this coming fall? Currently, DuPont Pioneer of Constantine, Michigan is building the harvest fleet. We utilize belt, live bottom and walking floor trailers to transport the crop out of seed fields in SW Michigan. We support three different trucking lanes to transport the crop from this region which include two in Indiana – Rushville and Worthington and a third in St. Joseph, Illinois.

+ 1 Last Post: 8/10/2018
Any hotshot loads ready for pick up near Ocala, Fl heading to TX?I have a 40' Gooseneck trailer with ramps ready for a load in the morning (8/10/18)

Last Post: 8/9/2018
Need loaded trailer hauled from Morton ms to Denver for Monday delivery truck to a dump any help would be appreciated!

2 Replies - 2 Last Post: 8/9/2018
Im looking for a truck to pull hopper bottoms with here in south Alabama. Id prefer something a bit older 80s to 90s preferably around 15k. Will travel to pick up

2 Replies - 1 Last Post: 8/9/2018

5 Replies + 1 - 3 Last Post: 8/8/2018
I've got 15 assets in Boise, ID every day of the week and I'm drowning getting these guys out. Most are solo trucks. 2 or 3 teams out there every other week or so. Need to get these guys back east. South east preffered, but ill setle for something as close at TX.

1 Replies Last Post: 8/8/2018
Covington LA to Mason OH 806 miles one way $2600.00 Fully Tarped! Call Heather at American Transportation

4 Replies + 2 - 6 Last Post: 8/8/2018
The week of Aug 13th I will be bobtailing from southeast Iowa to Northwestern Iowa to pickup a trailer. Does anyone have a trailer that needs to be moved out into that area? Thanks.

1 Replies Last Post: 8/8/2018
Loadouts available for 14 days please contact [email protected] 704 628 5098

Last Post: 8/8/2018
Load out trailers available for 14 days

Last Post: 8/8/2018
Guntersville AL to Various locations NC/DE Multi loads Good money Quick pay.

2 Replies + 1 - 1 Last Post: 8/7/2018
Need trucks this week and next. Roland, IA to Belvue, KS Corn Stalks in Bales - 47,000 to 48,000 lbs Bryan Trangistics, Inc [email protected]

1 Replies + 3 - 2 Last Post: 8/7/2018
If you know any hopper bottoms between Texas and Oklahoma needing some work send them to me I'm in over my head could use 20-30 trucks right now for a while

21 Replies + 4 - 5 Last Post: 8/7/2018
Looking for a Flatbed or Stepdeck to rent must be 102" wide.. will be based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Trailer will be well cared for.. mostly will be hauling lumber..

Last Post: 8/7/2018
Middlefield, OH to Evansville, IN: Middlefield, OH to Wilksboro, NC. All are loads of no tarp direct ship lumber. For more info email [email protected]

+ 1 Last Post: 8/7/2018
Looking for truckers to haul large quantities of wood mulch. Paying $11.00 a cubic yard. We weighed a truck yesterday, Net 37,020 / 134 cubic yards, thats $1,474 for this load. Mileage 260 miles 1 way. The mill is willing to load 24 hrs a day / unload 24 hours a day. We hope to have all of the hauling done in 25 days, lookin to move 250+ loads of material. Please call 208-628-3133 if you are interested, or text 208-305-3370. Thanks, Niki

2 Replies Last Post: 8/7/2018
looking for power only to run lanes :Freeport or Gulfport toSan Antonio, TX - Terrell, TX - Dallas, TX - Houston, TX - Rice, TX 4-6 loads per day per lane also curios as to bids for these lanes

9 Replies + 2 - 1 Last Post: 8/7/2018
Looking for a walking floor trailer to lease / lease purchase. Must be at least 48' long if not longer and in good condition. Prefer a spread but will also look at closed tandems. I'm located in the Texas panhandle but will travel if the deal is right. Thanks for your time.

2 Replies Last Post: 8/6/2018
Hey everyone, I'm looking for anyone that has a paddle wagon for sale in the United States. Also looking for any O/O that have paddle wagons around SD, WY, or NE area. Any help would be appreciated! Trevor Warren [email protected] Poet Nutrition

2 Replies + 3 Last Post: 8/6/2018
I have non-food grade chemical tankers getting empty multiple times per week in Orlando going back to Nashville. Trucks could load in Tampa/Orlando/Jacksonville/other North Florida cities/Savannah to head to Atlanta/Dalton/Chattanooga/Nashville. Contact me with options: [email protected] 828-429-7577

Last Post: 8/4/2018
Oakdale LA to Laredo TX 511 miles one way Full Tarp $1600.00 Call Heather at

Last Post: 8/2/2018

30 Replies + 38 - 26 Last Post: 8/2/2018
Looking for grain storage to rent within a 100 mile radius of Killdeer, ND (Bins, flats or bags) Call 605-273-2220 if you have suggestions or space to rent out.

Last Post: 8/2/2018
I am looking for a tankers who run from the upper midwest to the Buckeye, AZ area and Nacogdoches TX area. Looking for rates and availability. Any help is appreciated. thank you

5 Replies + 1 Last Post: 8/2/2018
Looking for hopper and end dump work in Ohio only.

Last Post: 8/2/2018
Load of no tarp lumber available picking up in Middlefield, OH delivering to Vonore, TN. Approx. 47,000 pounds. For more info email [email protected]

Last Post: 8/2/2018
Standard Specifications: Capacity: 23.5 yardsHopper Body: ASTM A36 10-gauge interior smooth wall with 12-gauge exterior corrugated wallsBump Boards: 2"×10" pineFenders: Front and rear standardGate Control: Manual hand valve with electric over air controlsGate Slide Locks: Front and rear standardAir Cylinders: Twin 8" bore air

Last Post: 8/2/2018
Good evening everyone, I wanted to get some feedback on having a trailer washout in Lake City,Fl. Is that something that you would use or would it be helpful. Thanks, Gary

2 Replies Last Post: 8/1/2018
why would you have 20 + loads posted but none are available. iv wasted alot of Time today making phone calls for bad news.

4 Replies + 4 - 2 Last Post: 7/31/2018
I will have 2 “power only” loads on Friday, 8/3. They will pick up the chassis in Baytown, TX then pick up empty ISO’s in LaPorte, TX and deliver to Midland, TX on Saturday, 8/4. The chassis are 8’ wide and 44’ long. When you put a tank on the chassis, the height is around 12.5’ tall. The weight of the chassis is 7,400 lbs. and the weight of the tanks is 8,800 lbs. ISO’S will be clean and dry. Pl

Last Post: 7/31/2018
Tri Axle Dump Trailers needed in Boston/New England 99,000 gvw

Last Post: 7/31/2018
Good morning drivers, I believe there is strength in numbers.There are companies that would like to call and have several loads hauled and not have to call several drivers to get there product hauled. I am a driver and grew up helping my Dad who started trucking in 1977. He is still driving today and hopes to retire in the next few years.I started driving in 2000 and have always had a love for trucking. Trucking has provided income for me and my family for my entire life. I curren

Last Post: 7/31/2018
Looking for some power only help out of Dallas TX pulling a customer rubber lined trailer. Hazmat products are bleach & chlorox. 500 mile radius out of Dallas mostly intra TX. year around business.

13 Replies - 1 Last Post: 7/31/2018
I have the capacity & trucks for all of your loadout trailers, please email me at [email protected]

Last Post: 7/31/2018
Need to move next 48 hours from Laredo, TX 78045 and deliverd at Waymart, PA 18472 Dry Goods 25 Pallets Pallet hight (96.65 in) Ti x Hi (6 x 5) Gross Weight P/Pallet (1300 lbs) Both Pick up & Delivery Place are Equipped

9 Replies + 1 Last Post: 7/30/2018
Does anyone know any company?s in Virginia area looking for owner operator end dumps.

8 Replies + 3 - 1 Last Post: 7/30/2018
Drivers needed, hopper trailers, coast to coast running, out for at least 3weeks then home time. Newer equipment, 2015 and newer Peterbuilts with Wilson Trailers for equipment. Inquiries please call, 605-881-5951 if interested. Dont check this board oftern, if interested please call. Thank you Ryan Easthouse Lee A Inc. 605-881-5951

- 1 Last Post: 7/30/2018
I'm reading this with a great deal of interest. I am NOT a truck driver. The company I work for has considered building a truck stop. I polled a few drivers to see what they most wanted. I'd like to kind of veridy that. My preliminary design called for a driver lounge where they could do paperwork, read, write letters, etc. It also includes showers, a place for them to do laundry. And, of course, a variety of dining choices including drive thru fast food, pick up fast food, and a sir down r

8 Replies + 8 - 2 Last Post: 7/30/2018
Looking for contacts to move some soybean meal from Ralston, IA to Geneva, IN area. 1-2 loads a week. Let me know of any [email protected]

Last Post: 7/30/2018
I am looking for Dedicated trucks to run for me. I have many contacts and would like to help you move your trucks. I have an independent dispacth service and also work with a brokerage. Call me @ 563-380-3815 or email me @ [email protected]

- 2 Last Post: 7/30/2018

Last Post: 7/30/2018
Metal building materials needed shipped. 3-4 loads. No tarps. Please call 503-949-6892 or email [email protected]

Last Post: 7/29/2018
Good day y’all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s and/or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks r

1 Replies - 2 Last Post: 7/28/2018
I could use a power only load to Northern ohio is anyone has anything.

1 Replies Last Post: 7/28/2018
Wondered how long would take to try and put all trucks under ELD's

3 Replies + 3 Last Post: 7/27/2018
Is there any Companies that you can haul hazmat material with a dump trailer?

1 Replies Last Post: 7/27/2018
Need 17 end dumps in Livingston AL to Cumming GA Aggregate 35.00 NT

2 Replies - 3 Last Post: 7/27/2018
Hello,We are really excited to now offer rate data on bulk loads. You can now see historical rate averages by city to city radiuses, trailer type and even by commodity. Click here to check it out! If you have any questions feel free to email [email protected] or call 800-518-9240 ext 2.Again the link is

5 Replies Last Post: 7/26/2018
Check out PCI Manufacturing Sulphur Springs, Tx. Alot of talk about these trailers. Just say Bryan from Trangistics sent you

1 Replies + 1 Last Post: 7/26/2018
Remember when a DWI was a career killer for a truck driver? Now suddenly it don't matter anymore? Then the government told us how they were going to strictly enforce HOS, with the ELD mandate? And level the playing field? Then they turn around, and hand out exemptions to all of the "special little children ", and are forced to issue a official guidance on personal conveyance? Now these stories are popping up in the news, how there is a critical shortage of bus drivers

13 Replies + 5 - 2 Last Post: 7/26/2018
needing end dumps and belly dumps now to the end of the year. houston to san antonio. 210 303 1904

Last Post: 7/26/2018
Can anyone recommend belly dump brokers with freight in Texas? Thanks.

2 Replies + 1 - 2 Last Post: 7/26/2018
I have a step deck load from Terre Haute, IN to New Hampton, IA. Needs to be picked up on Friday for delivery on Monday. Load is as follows. 3 Pull Plows, 3 Boot Kits, 3 Walking Tandems(crates)2 Tile Feeders(crates)Legal Dimensions. No tarps. Rate of $1600 Please email riverbrook

1 Replies Last Post: 7/26/2018
McCarty Freight Inc has dry van loadout trailers available origin Lafayette Indiana. [email protected]

1 Replies Last Post: 7/26/2018
I need 3 flatbeds and 3 vans moved to IL from NM. Looking for anyone with a semi to pull them for us. New tires and tags. Please send me referrals if you know anyone.$2000 for the trouble OBOThanks!

2 Replies Last Post: 7/26/2018
Hello, TX carrier looking for dryvan loads to deliver into mexico, and get loads out of mexicowe are located in WACO TX ,NUEVO LAREDO TAMS. MEX, AND MONTERREY NL. MEX

+ 1 - 1 Last Post: 7/25/2018
Drivers in know your on here what do you expect out of a driving position, list top 5 things. Just currious

5 Replies + 7 Last Post: 7/25/2018
McCarty Freight Inc has trailers available for use origin Lafayette Indiana. [email protected] 7049997439

Last Post: 7/24/2018
McCarty Freight Inc has brand new dry van trailers available for use origin Lafayette Indiana. [email protected] 7049997439

Last Post: 7/24/2018
McCarty Freight Inc has dry van trailers available for use origin Lafayette Indiana. [email protected] 7046285098

Last Post: 7/24/2018
I have serveral loads per week from GA to WA. I am looking for reloads options for DUMP/Belt/Floor Trailers. Can go anywhere but CN. Please let me know if you have any options. OR if you are interested in the loads from GA to WA. Thanks, Marlene Doar 803-429-8428 Rocky Wells Agri-Services Trillian: marlene.doar

Last Post: 7/24/2018

Last Post: 7/24/2018
I am looking for a few reliable flatbed carriers in mississippi and around alexnadria and shreveport la. Too many lanes to list. Please send me an email @ [email protected] fo more details. Thanks in advance,

1 Replies Last Post: 7/24/2018
BULK LOAD LIMES 36-38K LBS CLEAN TRAILER REQUIRED 813-284-3767 [email protected]

Last Post: 7/24/2018
Have not crossed the border with our trucks. Aside from IRP, are there any other things I need to make sure to do, or not do, or permits or anything to have to run into Canada? Thanks

13 Replies + 6 Last Post: 7/24/2018
anyone out there that can spare the time to educate me on the does & don'ts of hot shotting?

2 Replies + 3 Last Post: 7/23/2018
Well, its been 11 straight years that tolls have gone up and now they just went up again in many places on 7/01/18. It's to the point that a carrier needs about $1.00/mi just to cover the cost of tolls and with elogs in force you are screwed for time and have no choice but to take the fastest route now days.

7 Replies + 2 Last Post: 7/22/2018
need a quote for this load

Last Post: 7/22/2018
any one have a good carrier referral for Liquid Tanker loads of non haz fertilizer to help with loads out of NC to MD?

3 Replies Last Post: 7/21/2018
Any news on this guys, from Nolan Star, Robert Foran??

5 Replies + 15 - 2 Last Post: 7/21/2018
Needing 7 to 10 hoppers running West Texas origin (Kermit) to various closeby destinations (intrastate). the destinations are not quite hammered out yet. This will be dedictated, daily work and will develop into a much larger volume. Email me for more info at [email protected]

11 Replies - 1 Last Post: 7/21/2018
I'm looking to add to my list of carrier in the Clinton/Camanche, IA area that are trying to get back to the Des Moines, IA pocket. I will be looking to move fertilizer that direction Aug/Sept/Oct/Nov pretty consistently. Open to negotiation on rates w/ reliable carriers. Mainly hopper work but open to end dumps as well. Feel free to reach out if you are interested. Thanks, Brian Leighton ADM

Last Post: 7/20/2018
I am wondering what drivers are receiving and owners are paying as a % of gross revenue for W2 employees? What is a fair rate in today's market? What other benefits are are being offered? Thank you in advance, Ryan

3 Replies + 3 - 1 Last Post: 7/20/2018
CDL Drivers- Great Money Making Opportunity!!! Are you looking for work in agriculture hauling ear corn this coming fall? Currently, DuPont Pioneer of Constantine, Michigan is building the harvest fleet. We utilize belt, live bottom and walking floor trailers to transport the crop out of seed fields in SW Michigan. We support three different trucking lanes to transport the crop from this region which include two in Indiana – Rushville and Worthington and a third in St. Joseph, Illinois.

2 Replies + 1 - 2 Last Post: 7/20/2018
50k Bushels, around 50 loads, 5-7 loads a week. Please contact Reggie at 406-224-9790 to discuss rates if you are interested.

1 Replies Last Post: 7/19/2018
Have loads from Loudon TN every week going to AR & MS. Also a few to other locations. Have loads in AL, AR, LA, MS, GA, SC, TN & TX.

1 Replies + 1 - 2 Last Post: 7/19/2018
Looking for owner operators that live on I-40 between Little Rock, AR and Oklahoma City, OK and I-30 between Little Rock, AR to Dallas, TX to pull HOPPER BOTTOMS! Get home often and make good checks. **Your Truck and Our Trailer** Call 888-634-6621 for more details.

3 Replies - 1 Last Post: 7/19/2018
Looking for O/O with 90 X 102 X 43' Timpte Super Hoppers - Primarily Sunflower Loads - Customer is looking at adding to current contracts along with a few additions - mainly Central US / Some East & West Coast runs - any interest please respond to [email protected] or phone 816-820-4132 - looking for 4 to 6 additional carriers - Thank You

+ 1 - 2 Last Post: 7/19/2018
Google contractor ABC test.

+ 2 - 1 Last Post: 7/19/2018
Looking to transport approx. 150 loads a month from South GA to Port of Brunswick of animal feed.

3 Replies + 1 - 1 Last Post: 7/19/2018
Where to find grain. Loads in the Mississippi delta

5 Replies + 1 - 2 Last Post: 7/18/2018
I have 3 Middlefield, OH to Vonore, TN - 1 Middlefield, OH to Effingham, IL - 1 Middlefield, OH to Reedsburg, WI. All loads are direct shipments of lumber. No tarp. Appr. 47,000 pounds apiece. Flatbed or step-deck. For more info, email me at [email protected]

- 2 Last Post: 7/18/2018
I have 100 loads a month out of Laredo going to GA, NC, and FL. 6' tarps required. 4x4 dun x8 20-25 a week. 100 a month. guarenteed. Let me know if you are interested in regular freight!

44 Replies + 47 - 37 Last Post: 7/18/2018
Sulphur Springs, TX to Greeley, CO Metal Curved Tank Panels measuring 28' x 12' x 5' If interested call Bryan @ Trangistics 925-348-6619

Last Post: 7/17/2018

18 Replies + 16 - 19 Last Post: 7/16/2018
Arriving in Franklin Park,illinois 7/23/18. Delivered to Paris, Illinois. I have 12 total 20ft high cube intermodal to be delivered. Roughly 230 miles one way. 6 intermodals arriving Monday, 4 intermodals Tuesday and 2 intermodals arriving Wednesday. I have 72 hrs to be picked up and delivered appon arrival or storage fee will start. The containers will weigh approximately 7-8k each. Need to be ?UIIA? approved! Contact Matt at 1-217-304-4778

Last Post: 7/16/2018
Hopper drivers. Do not take loads to the well pet facility in Mishawaka. My appointment was not honored. Neither was the other 4 trucks that were here. I got excuse after excuse why they weren?t ready to unload me. I set 10 hours and when I finally had enough two guys came to my truck and one acted like he was full on ready to fight because I yelled at one of his guys. This place is a shit show and not worth wasting time hauling into.

14 Replies + 10 Last Post: 7/16/2018
Good day y’all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s and/or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks r

+ 1 - 5 Last Post: 7/16/2018
We have about 800 to 1000 bu of organic rye we would like to move. Does anybody know any buyers that might be interested? [email protected] or 833-231-2055. Located in Eau Claire, WI 54703.

2 Replies Last Post: 7/16/2018
CVSA’s annual Operation Safe Driver Week will be held July 15-21 2018, focusing on driver behavior enforcement, such as speeding, distracted driving and more. Operation Safe Driver Week, an annual enforcement spree put on by the Co

Last Post: 7/16/2018
3 loads of no tarp lumber available Wednesday July 18th picking up in Middlefield, OH delivering to Vonore, TN. 1 load no tarp lumber available Wednesday July 18th picking up in Middlefield, OH delivering to Monticello, KY. All loads are direct shipments. For more info email me at [email protected]

+ 1 Last Post: 7/16/2018
I am looking into pulling a pig trailer. Approx 1450 hd/load. 16 lb pigs. Driver responsible for loading and unloading pigs, bedding down trailer, washing and disinfecting trailer. 400 mile round trip. Would be a steady gig at 2 loads per week. Have any of you pulled these bio secure loads before. What are the challenges that come with these loads. What is a realistic rate to price it at. Thanks in advance

Last Post: 7/16/2018
Looking for end dump carriers to run scrap metal from Melrose Park, IL to Detroit, MI. For further inforamtion, please email Brook Edwards at

1 Replies Last Post: 7/13/2018

1 Replies + 1 - 1 Last Post: 7/13/2018
Project coming up in Septmeber out of the Permian I could use some help on.

+ 1 Last Post: 7/13/2018
anyone have much luck posting your truck on here? tell me about your experience and results

5 Replies + 4 - 3 Last Post: 7/13/2018
I have a lot of loads going from Northern Mississippi to AR, TX, OH, and KS that I need a flatbed driver for. Come be my guy, I'll keep you moving. I put my drivers first. Contact me at [email protected]

Last Post: 7/12/2018
I have 35 dump or hopper loads that need to move by the end of the month. Please call or email if interested. call 813-964-3366 or email [email protected] Sidon, MS - Decatur AL shipping 7/12 - 7/31 Sidon, MS - Rome GA shipping 7/12 - 7/31 Sidon, MS - Macon GA shipping 7/12 - 7/31

- 2 Last Post: 7/11/2018
Need to move truck with chipper 37x9x12 23500 lbs rate is 2300.00 payment will be on delivery

5 Replies + 2 Last Post: 7/11/2018
Will you PLEASE help me...I had my own Authority until I was deployed to IRAQ for 18 months with the National Guard....Now I am trying to start back ....My insurance only allows me to run in the State of Georgia. So, I will have to get freight that stays within the boundaries of Georgia. My insurance is in full force with 1 million Auto and 100,000 cargo. I have rented a 2016 Freightliner Day Cab. So, Do you know anyone that will let me haul some freight for them. Like trailer loads that need to

5 Replies Last Post: 7/11/2018
Hi Drivers....... Once again I'm advertising that I'm looking for owner operators with their own Authority. I have dedicated Hopper Freight and dedicated flatbed and step deck Freight. all of our dedicated freight is located in the Midwest but I also can accommodate anyone that like to run in other areas. if you have any other questions of details for rates and pay feel free to call me at 641-202-1065

+ 1 - 4 Last Post: 7/11/2018
Need one hopper driver. Out about 2-3 weeks at a time average pay $1,200 a week Need one Reefer driver. Home every weekend average pay $2,200 a week Must have great work history that is verifiable from checking pevious employer and pass all the background history and driver qualifications. Equipment is all 1 year old or less with 389 peterbilts

1 Replies + 3 - 2 Last Post: 7/11/2018
Tractor is not running will need winch and ramps, payment on delivery

3 Replies Last Post: 7/11/2018
Needing Hoppers and floors Guntersville Al starting 7/16, unloading multi barges destinations NC/GA/FL.

2 Replies + 1 Last Post: 7/11/2018
Looking for end dump carriers to run scrap metal from Rockford, IL to E. Chicago, IN. For further inforamtion, please email Brook Edwards at

Last Post: 7/10/2018
NC to PA lane is at $40/ ton. These are Organic Wheat loads & the trailers require a sweep out if previous haul was a grain, or a washout if previous was protein meal, sand, fertilizer, rocks, etc. Interested pls email [email protected]

Last Post: 7/10/2018
I have a piece of machinery that needs shipped from Salem, OR to Brownsville, TX. Needs to load tomorrow morning. 10ft wide and 55,000 lbs. Call Matt 503-949-6892

1 Replies Last Post: 7/10/2018
I need to move a Caterpillar 627E twin engine scraper from Shakopee, MN to Olancha, CA. Scraper Details:124,000 Pounds 50'8" Long12'11" wide12'11" tall Trailer will most likely need to be a jeep and dolly.

6 Replies Last Post: 7/10/2018

Last Post: 7/9/2018
Walking floors needed to load barge from Holly Bluff area to Greenville, 2 way rate

Last Post: 7/9/2018
Have a dedicated lane for the next few months. Paying a fair rate, feel free to call or text me at 402-943-9898 for details. Thanks

3 Replies Last Post: 7/9/2018
I bought a 5600 gal double conical ss liquid fertilizer tanker for a customer and was wanting ideas on what other commodities this unit could be used for. I have a honda engine w/ 3" pump and trailer has 30" drop any knowledge is welcome. thanks

1 Replies Last Post: 7/9/2018
Heavy Haul, wide and over size loads call me all lower 48 stated 5 minute price quote includes all permits and flag cars ! Mike [email protected] 810-432-1796.

Last Post: 7/9/2018
owner operator relocate to the townville south Carolina area looking for work or broker with cab tractor and dump trailer for hire.(908)763-2787 Paul

- 1 Last Post: 7/8/2018
Anyone know anyone that is in the area willing to do 2.25/mile average lane rates from locations in Iowa to Chicago area?

2 Replies - 3 Last Post: 7/8/2018
Does anyone have any trucks around: Eastern or SE central Kansas for corn runs to Tyson? Central KS for Salt runs north? Nebraska for DDG runs to Joliet? Let me know! -Bill King of Freight 316-413-8704

2 Replies - 7 Last Post: 7/7/2018
Why do the clowns post loads that arent there? Lets say you see a load from Columbus Ohio, to Joliet Illinois, you call about the load, Oh, It picks up 30 or 40 moles away, then delivers 30 or 40 miles from Joliet. what these cream puffs do all day, is rib each other, we've all seen this. Brokers robbing each other to make a little more, at our expense. why not be honest? When we plan a load, and run the miles, then get lied to about Its true pickup location, and true destination, Its Bullshit.

7 Replies + 29 - 26 Last Post: 7/6/2018
Good day y’all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s and/or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks ru

+ 1 - 3 Last Post: 7/6/2018
Much lanes for 80,000 hopper. Thinking about getting out of flatbed market.

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Looking for contacts to handle loads of soybean meal from Ralston, IA to Lanark, IL. They take roughly 1 load per week. We load 24 hours monday-friday in Ralston and they unload 8-430. Lanark has an auger set up so will take approx. one hour to unload.Please reach out with any contacts or if you are interested in this lane. Target rate is $2.50/mi but willing to 712-667-3357email [email protected]

1 Replies + 2 - 1 Last Post: 7/5/2018
looking for roundtrip rates fracsand Texas/Oklahoma. 25 ton max load

4 Replies + 1 Last Post: 7/5/2018

9 Replies + 4 Last Post: 7/3/2018
Dry Van only Morganton NC(can load until 18:30) to Jefferson GA (several per day), delivering 4 – 5 am 43,580 -45,342lbs 298 miles Morganton NC (drivers can load until 18:30) to Abingdon VA(2-3 daily) delivery is late around 2100pm 45,342lbs. 196 miles This week-20 plus loadsRate $750Musat be approved in BNSF Logistics system Call 248-519-9048 if interested

1 Replies Last Post: 7/3/2018
Looking for Hazmat trucks/ Great plains area, St Paul MN as well. Need End dumps, Floors, Hoppers!

Last Post: 7/3/2018
Looking for flatbeds to haul 2 loads of no tarp direct ship lumber available Monday July 9th. Picking up in Middlefield, OH and delivering to Vonore, TN. For more info email me at [email protected]

- 2 Last Post: 7/3/2018
So I am brand new to the end dump business. I have done my math and I know what my break even point is, but I'm a little unsure what the market is like. I have been hesitant to provide haul rates because I don't really have a good feel for what the going rates are right now. I'm definitely not too impressed with some of the offers I have received so far, but I'm guessing that could be because I'm new. I don't want to haul too cheap because that's not good for anybody, but looking for a place

14 Replies + 9 - 4 Last Post: 7/2/2018
Serious inquiries ONLY Respond if you want them. Thank You48k loads of lumber 6-8’ tarps Loxley, AL - Charm, OH $2250 Louisburg, NC - Gilberts, IL $1700 Williams. SC - Canton, GA $850

12 Replies + 37 - 14 Last Post: 7/2/2018
2 trucks empty and washed out ready to load in Corpus Christi, TX. 325-276-0917 Josh

Last Post: 7/2/2018
i have 2 Hopper bottoms ready to load Monday July 2nd in or around Corpus Christi/ would consider working the harvest. 325-276-0917 Josh

Last Post: 6/30/2018
Looking for rate quote for pneumatic trailer hauling dry fertilizer from Van Buren, AR to Lake Charles, LA.

5 Replies + 1 - 1 Last Post: 6/29/2018
Louisburg, NC - Durham, CT. This load will have to load before noon tomorrow or it will sit at the mill for all of next week. 48k flatbed load of lumber 6-8' tarps. Easy setup and can pay on Net10 terms.$2500Call 336-549-8266Denise - Traffic Manager Southmark Forest

2 Replies Last Post: 6/29/2018
Looking to hire 1 Texas/ Oklahoma based driver. We primarly haul Fracsand, some fertlizer and a few ag products. primarly Texas, some Oklahoma. 25% if total ticket you will receive the same load confirmation email Dispatch gets from the customer with the rate on it. flexible schedule but lets face it 2 weeks out at a time is the minimum. We can try and pass you by the house on your reset depending on where you live. Call for more info 325-276-0917 text if I dont answer. Will be adding more truc

3 Replies + 1 - 1 Last Post: 6/28/2018
Need a dump or hoppers to take 2 Bulk loads from tampa to south Georgia. one is ASAP and one for next week. Please call 813-964-3366 or email [email protected] with availability.

Last Post: 6/28/2018
In an effort to keep our dedicated trucks running at top dollar Wilson Bulk Transport will only take on so many dedicated trucks at a time. By doing this we can ensure each truck gets the neccasary time required to plan a route and be profitable. Wilson Bulk Transport is now beginning to grow and has space for some more trucks. We specialize primarly in hoppers. Most lanes we are currently running Midwest to the Southeast and anything in between. We do have loads that go to most startes in the

Last Post: 6/28/2018
What is the best all around tank size Has anybody hauled any herbicide?

5 Replies + 2 Last Post: 6/28/2018
I will have 2 empty and washed out hoppers in Corpus Christi, TX on Monday July 2nd. looking to go anywhere in Texas or Oklahoma (previous haul is sand) call Josh 325-276-0917

Last Post: 6/27/2018
I would like to expand my Trillan contact list.

7 Replies + 15 - 5 Last Post: 6/27/2018
We're short on trucks for a lot of loads still to run. Might have some DDG or fertilizer runs back for partial return. I need 40 more trucks. When done here I can put you on corn, beans, rock or whatever you like from at least two dozen origins... call if you can help.

Last Post: 6/27/2018
any one else having issues with the invoicing part of the bulk loads app? I'm lazy when i get home on friday night so I send in my invoices on sunday night, so for the last 24 hrs I've been trying to send an invoice from the app and it keeps saying failed to reach server, anyone have any ideas how to get it working again??

1 Replies Last Post: 6/26/2018
Needing hoppers to haul chicago to Altoona IA(near Des Moines) can do up to 5/wk. Also can do up to 8/wk from chicago to Cedar Rapids IA area. Let me know what you can do, leave email/phone # or contact me [email protected] 402.889.4366

3 Replies - 1 Last Post: 6/26/2018
I just need someone to help deliver a new flatbed with a pickup trailer loaded on it to us. Please let me know if you can - and the rate you would charge to pick the trailer up and drop it off. -Bill 316-413-8704

3 Replies Last Post: 6/26/2018
Real good place to stay far away from two wells down expect a two to three day wait

1 Replies + 3 Last Post: 6/26/2018
All this talk about Reefers hitting the Mother Load on rates LOL lets start with Pulling a Reefer. In my 42 years in the seat,.Ive pulled it all, Reefers are in a class of there own, anytime your hauling perishables, its a risk,.load get rejected, fuel and maintaining the wagon. Bumping docks, appointment times, Lumpers, long waits at food warehouses, and on and on. Now Hoppers for the Agriculture Industry, sure you might have to wait behind several trucks to load, or get unloaded. But your not

6 Replies + 27 - 8 Last Post: 6/25/2018
Looking for Baton Rouge area pneumatic carrier. Cargo is dry fertilizer (non-hazmat). Call me at 225-635-0483 to discuss.

Last Post: 6/25/2018
Happy Monday y’all, RFG Logistics is looking for O/O’s or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks run

- 6 Last Post: 6/25/2018
Here is what my dry vans ran last week.

6 Replies + 7 - 4 Last Post: 6/25/2018
Thomasville,NC to Orangeburg,SC (non haz fertilizer) any carrier referrals?

Last Post: 6/25/2018
I would like to expand my Trillian contact list. Thank you.

- 1 Last Post: 6/25/2018
Real good place to stay far away from two wells down expect a two to three day wait

Last Post: 6/24/2018
Real good place to stay far away from two wells down expect a two to three day wait

Last Post: 6/24/2018
I am really hearing some mixed messages on the rate side of things. I hear some of my O/O talk about barely getting $2 a mile on a flatbed load but on the other end, seems noone wants to move for less than $3 a mile. I try to stay in the fair range being in the lumber industry. I can't always give the best rates but those that pull for me know I will try to get them better paying load the next time. As a traffic manager, it is sometimes hard to explain that my hands are tied in most cases si

4 Replies + 2 - 1 Last Post: 6/23/2018
I am having a diffircult time finding dumps in the Chicago Heights area . Can someone lend us a hand. Very important hot Loads call me 316 440 4676 or 316 308 0417 or 316 530 8114 Kelly

5 Replies Last Post: 6/23/2018
Sometimes when I read these comments I feel more like I'm on somebody's Facebook page instead of a business oriented forum. If you aren't interested in something someone is posting there isn't a rule saying that you have to make a negative comment. All I'm asking is to show some respect to others that are trying to grow their business here. If you are getting loads for $5-$6 per mile good for you. If anything, you should share where you are getting your loads otherwise shut up. Thank you

10 Replies + 23 - 13 Last Post: 6/23/2018
Gainesville GA to Macon Ga 10 loads per day.

1 Replies - 2 Last Post: 6/22/2018
I got 2 loads of no tarp direct ship lumber picking up in Middlefield, OH delivering to Beverly, WV. Appr. 47,000 pounds each. email [email protected] for more info.

Last Post: 6/22/2018

Last Post: 6/22/2018
Just say NO to cheap freight !!!!!!!!!!

17 Replies + 6 - 12 Last Post: 6/21/2018
I need some dependable shippers that need our services from North Carolina to beat Mt. Sterling OH and/or Jamestown KY. Inbox me at [email protected]

2 Replies + 6 - 3 Last Post: 6/20/2018