Openings available for owner operators looking for steady work (2 weeks out at a time), year-round. We had a few of our veterans retire with the pending ELD mandate and freed up a few spots to bring in new guys to the team. My team primarily focuses on running all the states west of the Mississippi, but for those O/O's that prefer to stretch their legs out, we have lanes that run to the east coast and back. We are heading into our west coast harvest season, so rates

+ 2 - 2 Last Post: 3/21/2018
have about 50 loads of pipe sitting in Bryan, Tx. needs to go to Portland, OR or to a transload facility. anybody want some of this of have the capacity for it all?

+ 1 - 3 Last Post: 3/21/2018
Looking at possibly buying A-train hoppers. Is it worth it? Looking for contacts.....

2 Replies - 2 Last Post: 3/21/2018
What is best ELDS programs out there. Using Teletrac not and not happy

30 Replies + 12 - 2 Last Post: 3/21/2018
I was wondering how much owner operator dump trucks and end dumps are making around DFW, hourly. Ive read about DFW Materials as a broker and have seen many Silva's Trucking around I-35 any idea how much theyre making? Im thinking of giving it a try

3 Replies Last Post: 3/20/2018
Independent Dispatch/Load Planner 20 +year of experance. I spec

- 3 Last Post: 3/20/2018
Looking for Tri-axle trailers to haul overdeminsional blocks of stone. 48000-60000# / 10ft x 6ft x 6ft Grand Junction, CO to Chesapeake, VA Will be needing to cover 2 loads per week for 8 weeks. Need to line up some trucks.

6 Replies + 2 - 2 Last Post: 3/20/2018
Hello, We have consistent liquid bulk freight out of Fairbury, NE delivering to locations all over the country. If you have any tank availability in the area please let us know! Thanks! Jason Leland RPM Bulk Systems 248-268-8960 [email protected]

1 Replies + 1 - 1 Last Post: 3/20/2018
I am looking for contact to help run our Step Deck and RGNs. If you have any contacts or would like to offer loads, please shoot me an email at [email protected] or call me at 563-380-3815. Thank you.

Last Post: 3/20/2018
Looking for an End Dump that can haul 20MTs from New Orleans to Steele, AL 35987 392 loaded miles, i'm paying 1800 on this one. Email me at [email protected] with any questions!

Last Post: 3/20/2018
Perhaps a silly question, we have two end dumps that we use for grain and chicken manure... both have a liner to prevent sticking. Will bushelings tear up and destroy my liner? Thanks for the insight!

Last Post: 3/20/2018
I was just wondering if anyone has had experience (good or bad) with Diesel Spec ecm tunes? Not looking to open a mud slinging festival, I’ll leave that for the rate discussions, just looking for feedback before I spend a little money. The gentleman I would like to use doesn’t offer anything for Detroit and I haven’t dealt with these guys before. Thanks!

7 Replies + 2 Last Post: 3/20/2018
I am looking for a carrier that would be able to cover 1 to 2 loads per week to Clovis NM out of Carlsbad NM. (PotAsh) If you have pneumatic tank and are interested in covering these shipments, please e-mail us at [email protected] or give us a call at 402.533.2018. This will be consistent work yr around. You may also reach out to Scott at [email protected] or 402.533.2032 Thank you

+ 1 Last Post: 3/20/2018
Up for renewal. Relocating to Texas. Need a really sharp insurance person. Thanks Art Pfluger

18 Replies + 6 - 3 Last Post: 3/19/2018
The analyst from DAT load boards, came out today and stated the load to truck ratio is so high, that they had to pull the graph down today, and redesign a new one. They can no longer use the holidays for a excuse to explain this phenomenon, as the holidays are over. How long will it be until the supply chain is shut down, and they can no longer hide the truth from the public?

44 Replies + 16 - 20 Last Post: 3/19/2018
lackawannafreightcord - user name

1 Replies - 1 Last Post: 3/19/2018
FMCSA Announces New ELD Waiver for Transporters of Agricultural Commodities and Additional Transition G

1 Replies Last Post: 3/17/2018
Hello all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks running. We hav

+ 2 - 4 Last Post: 3/16/2018
short side new tarp lights tires drums shoes s cam bushings slacks valves plumbing. stabilizer bars tortion bar spring stickers. $13,500 501-541-3747

- 2 Last Post: 3/16/2018
Please contact me if you have an available Auger trailer in Nebraska. 402.620.4045. [email protected] Thank you!

- 1 Last Post: 3/16/2018
2011 43x78x96 Tandem hi flow doors elec tarp 350.00 a week 605-670-1087

1 Replies - 1 Last Post: 3/16/2018
looking for a couple more guys that would want to run full time for me. Good revenue and home weekly

12 Replies + 3 - 1 Last Post: 3/16/2018
We are seeking Seven (7) Power Only trucks for the following project:Date: March 26, 2018Time: 6:00AM to 8:00AMCommodity: Equipment TrailersDimensions: All Legal up to 45,000lbsRate: $1,102.00 @$2.00rpm We need 7 power only tractors from Brunswick Ga to Glen Allen Va. All tractors must be able and willing to remove their mud flaps if necessary. Only 2 can have a fixed 5th wheel. The rest need to be able to slide. Two drivers should have their double

2 Replies Last Post: 3/16/2018
Are there any Pneumatic VAC tankers in Texas that can Haul Plastic Resin?

Last Post: 3/15/2018
New to being on a load board what are do's/don'ts?

8 Replies + 7 - 9 Last Post: 3/15/2018
Lone Star Legacy Located In The Dallas Ft.Worth Metro-Plex. Is In Search Of Owner Operators With Hopper Bottoms To Lease On With UsWe Are Looking For 4 More Safe Compliant Owner Operators To Run Local, Regional And Otr. No Forced Dispatch. Run The Lanes You Want To Run. Go Home When You Want To. We Have Plenty Of Work.We Do Not Charge A Percentage On Every Load. We Charge A Flat Fee Per Week.If This Interest You Please Give Ronny A Call @435-881-1466

3 Replies - 6 Last Post: 3/15/2018
I'm new to My question when one choose a load and if the price is posted or not posted do you usally try to get a better rate when you call in or email direct to the broker? What I have been looking at seems to be pretty low rates. So I'm wondering if you can ever get more or it is what it is? Thank you, Joe

1 Replies - 1 Last Post: 3/14/2018
Hi, iam a owner operator with a high side hooper looking for hauling in Iowa. Will go any where in the state of iowa anytime of the week. Please give me a call 641-210-8706 Josh. Call anytime , thank u

Last Post: 3/14/2018
208-344-2439 call and ask for a salesman in your area. We currently have trailers in stock throughout the Midwest and Mideast states.

+ 1 Last Post: 3/14/2018
I am looking for loads that can be hauled on a belt trailer within 200 miles of Decorah IA. I am with Bushman Trucking LLC and my number is 563-380-3815

Last Post: 3/14/2018
Rockfield AG is looking for owner operators for local and long haul Call 6056701087 or 6059575234

1 Replies - 3 Last Post: 3/13/2018
We have 10 loads available out of Selkirk, MB. Loads are Zorba, and deliver 500 miles to Rosemount, MN. Please let me know if you might be interested. Thank you

Last Post: 3/13/2018
Pick up: Worcester MA Delivery: Fitzgerald, GA Loading from a rail car. Must require a VAC Let me know if you have any questions.

Last Post: 3/13/2018
Good Afternoon, I'm looking for liquid tankers to haul non hazmat freight to TX, CO, ND oand other locations. Consistent freight on multiple lanes, please call 513-831-2600 extenstion 53548 if you have capacity around Lousiana

2 Replies - 7 Last Post: 3/13/2018
Private lot with a small number of open spots on I-85 in Greenville, SC (exit 54). The lot is close to the interstate and under 24 hour camera surveillance. There are no amenities. However, there are many restaurants within a 1 mile radius. Must vacate the lot by 7:00am. Call 864-385-0673

+ 1 Last Post: 3/12/2018
Good afternoon, I am looking for a carrier to run hazmat consistently out of Long Beach, going to CO, OK, TX and various other destinations. If you have capacity around Long Beach please call 513-831-2600 x53548 to discuss opportunity and rates, thanks!

- 2 Last Post: 3/12/2018
Good day all, We're a brokerage out of Detroit, MI running bulk shipments throughout the United States, Canada, and Mexico. If you're a trucking company with liquid tankers, pneumatic tanks, end dumps, hoppers, etc. looking for business or would simply like to discuss the market and do some networking please feel free to give me a shout at 248-268-8970 or send an e-mail to [email protected] Any customers needing to source any additional capacity feel free to reach out as well t

1 Replies + 3 - 5 Last Post: 3/12/2018
im looking for some end dump brokers tia

5 Replies Last Post: 3/12/2018
Hi this is Scott Sleep with Sleep's Trucking LLC are you looking for study Freight and someone that can get you home on the weekends? I am looking for owner operators to run in the Midwest and also can accommodate for other locations . I pay direct deposit one week out and all I charges 9% off of the gross. if you have any questions please give me a call at 641-202-1065.

+ 1 - 1 Last Post: 3/12/2018
We dispatch 6 or more axle, high cube hoppers, floors and belts. For Independent truckers / owner operators. Less loading / unloading / washouts. More hauling. Bigger Load Longer Runs Better Rates

Last Post: 3/12/2018
Looking for any Information on this business. I have not been able to verify credit or anything else about this company.

1 Replies Last Post: 3/11/2018
All the articles and news reports say freight rates are rising so I contacted (applied at) several trucking companies that hire owner operators. Guess where the money ISN'T going. The companies all seem to be paying about the same. Around a buck a mile plus the fuel surcharge so basically $1.35 per mile. Some chip in on some extras, but as we all know they usually try and weasle out of those promises. It seems the wizards of smart that run these companies are spending the money on new trucks

18 Replies + 14 Last Post: 3/10/2018
NOLAN STAR WILL NOT PAY YOU!!!!! MY Company and many more are trying to get paid for over a month for loads from Mill Creek OK TO San Antonio Tx.. They will not take calls Tex are Emails .. but yet they are still looking for suckers.... Nolan Star man up and paid us!!!!!!

19 Replies + 9 - 1 Last Post: 3/9/2018
I can obtain some steady loads going down into southern Iowa, but am needing loads going back north into north central/north eastern Iowa or south central/eastern Minnesota. Any assistance is appreciated.

2 Replies Last Post: 3/8/2018

7 Replies + 4 - 3 Last Post: 3/8/2018
looking for carriers with hopper truck, dump truck to move some grains (corn, barley, wheat) ddg midds back and forth NY and MA states to québec, also ON-QC back and forth please contact us to be part of our team. we have loads to drive up and down all week. [email protected]

Last Post: 3/8/2018
Looking for some help on a project for a customer. Please reach out to me with rates and availability, 952-679-3732 or [email protected] This Project would begin on 3/12- 1 load per day Should be 2 loads per day beginning 3/19 – we await confirmation from consignee 60 loads in all Mocksville, NC - Covington, GA Recap on the needs for transportation: 1. Pneumatic

1 Replies + 2 - 4 Last Post: 3/7/2018
we need carriers from ny (medina-fulton) coming in québec ma (ayer) coming in québec also need carrier ont-qc moving grains ddg and mills. contact us if you have any interest [email protected]

Last Post: 3/7/2018
Are there any pneumatic tankers who have VAC trucks handle plastic Resin?

3 Replies - 2 Last Post: 3/7/2018
Looking for rates on this lane for belt/walking floor. Feed additive for belt/walking floor. Please call or email if you are interested. Rich Crotty ADM 319-398-0827 [email protected]

Last Post: 3/6/2018
Hello, I'm looking for a carrier interested in working with us on a project out of Perry GA for hauling feed. This would be a weekly haul with roughly 7 to 8 loads a month and year round. Trailers are provided and would need a truck with a wet line kit to run the dump trailers. If you have any interest, please give me a call or send me an email for more details. Thank you, Wilbur-Ellis Feed LLC. Ryan Finnegan 804-420-0900

+ 1 Last Post: 3/6/2018
Hello. My neighbor is having a farm retirement auction and he's selling a 2006 Kenworth W900 with 277,000 ORIGINAL miles on it. C-15, 13 spd, 3:55 ratio, studio sleeper, sunroof above cab, besides other great options. Please search Hager Auction WI, upcoming auctions and it's Ruchard & Pat Ancel, lot #9. Thanks

Last Post: 3/6/2018
i have been having a hard time trying to find hopper bottom loads that stay in the state of Iowa can anyone point me in the right direction or give me some pointers on where to go to look for loads. Any advise will help thank you!

4 Replies + 2 - 4 Last Post: 3/6/2018
Any loads near Pine Bluff heading to or near eastern ND.

Last Post: 3/5/2018
I have some Units in the Houston area half round end dumps looking for hourly work or work by the Ton. Jesus Rios 210-550-7272

Last Post: 3/5/2018
Looking for carriers to haul dry fertilizer out of OH and MI. Please e-mail [email protected] if you are interested.

2 Replies + 1 Last Post: 3/4/2018
Looking for liquid tankers to run herbicides and fertilizer out of Louisiana. year round contracted busienss. Let me know if interested, I can send the lanes/volumes and sds.

22 Replies - 7 Last Post: 3/4/2018

- 2 Last Post: 3/4/2018
I am in need of a carreir to partner with to move multiple loads a week going forward. Here are the details, please let me know if any of you are interested. Product – Black Oil Sunflower Seed Ship: Huron, SD 7:30-4p Delivery: Delano, MN 8:30am-3:30pm With a 2 hopper truck, they usually load 24-30 ton With a 3-hopper truck, they usually load 35-37 ton

20 Replies + 19 - 24 Last Post: 3/3/2018
when will rates go up for owner operator since all the crap with eld all other lines of truck have went way up . i think maybe owner operators for ag should have a strike then were would they be with these cheap rates that a guy cant even keep tires on his truck

3 Replies + 4 Last Post: 3/3/2018

Last Post: 3/2/2018
Got pulled into the Harrisonville,MO scale today and got wrote up weighing 81,700. Was weighing 80,500 when I loaded and was pretty much full of fuel. Drove 1,000 miles down to Springfield,MO low on fuel and came in at 79,700. The scale was just certified on 2/26/18 in Springfield,MO. Got lawyers working on the ticket now, so I'm wondering what Missouri is up to. Is this a new way to get revenue since they can't get the ELD users for anything. Thought I let everyone know about this, cause I'm no

7 Replies + 6 Last Post: 3/2/2018
I have loads going to both states if anyone has any available equipment. Call me at 651-438-3877 or email [email protected]

3 Replies Last Post: 3/1/2018
If anyone knows of any FB's or SD's available in the Chicago are tomorrow- railroad track going to Jacksonville, FL. ALSO HAVE A RELOAD OUT OF JACKSONVILLE FL GOING TO WARREN OH. LET ME KNOW IF YOU HAVE AVAILABILITY

1 Replies - 2 Last Post: 3/1/2018
Well looks like trucking industry is getting screwed again elds permanent more toll roads fuel taxes going up yes I did vote for Trump but will not again unless something changes but I will always keep my conservative way of thinking

15 Replies + 24 - 14 Last Post: 3/1/2018

5 Replies + 8 - 24 Last Post: 3/1/2018
Ag Partners LLC is an elevator with 12 locations in NW Iowa. We are looking for trucks with hoppers to help us transfer grain in between our elevators for the 2018 fall harvest (Sept to pry around mid November). If you have any interest please email [email protected] or call 712-843-5232 (leave a VM if I don't answer) Nick

Last Post: 2/28/2018
Good evening everyone, Corey here owner of Corey's Custom Trucking LLC looking for a load to Cedar Rapids,Ia once a week originating around the Fond Du Lac,WI area! If you have anything let me knowo.o thanks I have an account/customer using my service of hauling back from Cedar Rapids,Ia just need a load there thanks

2 Replies + 3 - 2 Last Post: 2/27/2018
Action Alert January 2018 The Department of Transportation is considering a small business exemption to the Electronic Logging Device (ELD) mandate that went into effect on December 18, 2017. The ELD mandate increases costs for small trucking businesses and increases prices for consumers. Click below to submit a comment supporting a small business exemption from the ELD mandate. The deadline to submit comments is February 1.

20 Replies + 23 Last Post: 2/27/2018
2015 Cornhusker Doubles for Sale. 2015 Cornhusker Lead Trailer is 43'2" x 102" x 91 1/2", 30x40 Roller Traps with two speed gear boxes, aluminum king pin section, neway air ride, air gauge and dump valve, centrifused drums, grease hubs, one row of 5 lights, pintol hitch, 24" kingpin setting, & 4 knock rails 2015 Cornhusker Pup Trailer 24' x 87" x 96", 30x40 Roller Traps

Last Post: 2/27/2018
HII have to wonder what they are using for the stone component of the concrete and how the seawater contamination of beach sand effects the structural strength of the finished project. Just one earthquake away from a disaster? any idea.?ThanksI did not find the right solution from the internet.References:

Last Post: 2/27/2018
Looking for any input from people currently hauling or marketing frack sand, either from MN/WI or some of the newer mines in TX. Is it directly contracted from the supplier by the end user? Who brokers the shipping? Are there many companies other than suppliers or end users that put on physical positions? Are larger companies i.e. Halliburton the typical end user or are there smaller players at work? Any idea if the lower quality southern product will be competitve with higher quality north

+ 1 - 1 Last Post: 2/26/2018
Added a new truck to the fleet. Lives in Cincinnati area. Looking for regular loads in and out of the area. Michelle

Last Post: 2/26/2018
Anyone try ATBS? Any great suggestions? Art Pfluger

2 Replies - 1 Last Post: 2/25/2018
We've been diehard Timpte owners the past 20 years & anymore I'm not all that impressed with there build quality & would like to try a different make of trailer. I would like a w ilson but am strongly considering a cornhusker for the weight savings. I currently have a 50' spread axle Timpte with 84" sides & would like to get either a Wilson or cornhusker spec'd the same, all I do is highway stuff from terminal to terminal, no farm loads

64 Replies + 3 - 3 Last Post: 2/25/2018
Any elds out there with the ag exemption built in their program?

2 Replies - 1 Last Post: 2/25/2018
South Dakota based company looking for owner operators. Give us a call. 6056708174

11 Replies + 3 - 2 Last Post: 2/25/2018
Hello all, We are looking for O/O’s or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Sun Valley is an asset based hopper company with over 170 company owned hoppers. We do also operate a brokerage company that allows us to keep your drivers rolling and generating the most money possible while also getting them home regularly. Most of our dedicated O/O’s are home every weekend unless they want to run more. Email us to get setup with our dedicated hopp

1 Replies - 1 Last Post: 2/25/2018
Is anybody else having trouble getting paid on these sand loads?

19 Replies + 2 Last Post: 2/24/2018
2006 Timpte 78. 102 43 big doors Electric tarp 217-653-5208

1 Replies + 1 Last Post: 2/24/2018
I have a 1994 Timpte Hopper, air ride, don't use it too much, its in good condition, would trade for a travel trailer or RV, email - [email protected]

4 Replies + 1 Last Post: 2/23/2018
hauled glass from nj to in back in Dec. didn't get paid for the freight. now I can't get him on the phone. haulers beware...

2 Replies + 3 Last Post: 2/23/2018
Hi we are looking for pneumatic work we have 3 tractor trailers. If anyone can help we appreciate it.

1 Replies - 1 Last Post: 2/23/2018
Do any pneumatic bulk or tankers carriers have any heated tankers?

1 Replies Last Post: 2/23/2018
If regulation leads to profit, then North Korea should be one of the wealthiest nations on earth. It is not...... Remember when daycare was no big deal, and everyone could afford it? Then the regulators got involved in the free market, and screwed it up, just like health care. Now we have folks who are asking the government to get involved and mandate detention time, since they lost productivity with E-logs. Essentially what people are saying is that they are such poor negotiators, they wan

12 Replies + 10 - 2 Last Post: 2/22/2018
Please email [email protected] if you would like to be come an approved carrier for Mode Transportation or information on our current open Lanes. All Lanes are needed ASAP. Origin North East

4 Replies Last Post: 2/22/2018
Can pick up anytime this week or next week call 1-800-580-3101 ext. 57314 for more details!

5 Replies + 3 - 2 Last Post: 2/21/2018
I am looking for Grain to haul in Western North Dakota and western South Dakota.

Last Post: 2/21/2018
we are looking for people with belt trailers , we have loads from Baltimore MD down to NC and loads back if needed this is for belt trailers only . please contact dispatch

+ 1 Last Post: 2/20/2018
I have 3 trucks with aluminum end dumps. Looking for loads in North Texas. Contact info: Eddie Riley Ashlar Transport LLC 972-268-4135 [email protected]

Last Post: 2/17/2018
Bought a skid steer dozer blade at Ritchie Bros in Phoenix need hauled back to Kansas. Maybe 3'x3'x7' and around 300 pounds

1 Replies Last Post: 2/17/2018
Any hoppers for rent at a reasonable price

1 Replies Last Post: 2/17/2018
After running my numbers from last year, , Im at $2.28/ cost per mile based on a 2500 mile week, $3 fuel, driver pay at 38 cents loaded and all the overhead costs. I have zero profit figured in that. I love trucking but given current rates, Im running the equity out of my trucks.. ELD s have exacerbated this dilema. I think we need to bill the locations when we are held captive to our load and forced to wait for loading, unloading, detention or testing. Im going to carry my invoice book along an

24 Replies + 9 - 7 Last Post: 2/17/2018
Hello all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks running. We hav

+ 2 - 1 Last Post: 2/16/2018
Belly dump owner operator looking for work in Waco tx my number is (254)495-5648 email [email protected]

- 1 Last Post: 2/16/2018
I have a 48' triple axle with 3rd hopper grain trialer, the one down fall is its a shorter sided trailer and to get flowers on is tough. I have a 53' ground load cattle trailer, and a 53' step deck with dove tail, have hay sides for it that can be taken off if need to. I am based out of North Dakota, email is [email protected] or can call or txt 701-208-1381

Last Post: 2/16/2018
If any of you are selling a punematic trailer please call me asap 972-689-7032.Kierra

5 Replies + 1 - 3 Last Post: 2/16/2018
Looking for some hauling for February and March. I can run in IA, MN, WI and Illinois. I have a triple axle hopper and can run 90000 in IA and MN. I also own a fertilizer tanker. [email protected]

1 Replies Last Post: 2/15/2018
I'm needing some dedicated trucks to run for the next few months starting roughly in march. These loads will originate in OMAHA, NE and go any direction with in 500 miles, mostly south though. You will be pulling our trailers and being paid for everymile you drive based off of your odometer. There is a base mileage pay and a FSC so as fuel continues to climb you will be getting paid more. Give me a call if you are interested. Will need just a few at the begining of the season and then as the wo

2 Replies + 2 - 1 Last Post: 2/15/2018
Looking for belt trailer loads out of southern mo or south east Kansas going to north east mo or Iowa . Can haul 25 ton .

6 Replies - 5 Last Post: 2/15/2018
Hi i am seeking loads for end dump trailer around Austin Buda San MArcos Georgetown area. if someone knows can email me at [email protected] or call me at 5125077835. I can go out really far but not out of State. Thanks in Advance

Last Post: 2/15/2018
Looking ltb an aluminum end dump trailer, 37-39ft no spread axles..... thanks.

2 Replies Last Post: 2/15/2018
Looking for driver to fill these open lanes. Please email your quote and availablity to [email protected] Origin Destination Type

3 Replies + 1 Last Post: 2/15/2018
Sign up now get set-up for unlimited Towing for a low low fee. Passing it along to help my trucking brothers out out here on the road.

Last Post: 2/14/2018
Could it be do to the following factors? Farmer owned trucks. Farmer owned trucks don't have the same pressure to produce revenue that those owned by people trying to support their families and a truck payment have. They own them as part of their larger business. Semi retired owner operators Guys that have had their fill of being away from home for weeks and now have their trucks, homes,

14 Replies + 32 - 5 Last Post: 2/14/2018
Hope everyone is doing well today. Currently working on a contract haul for end dumps or hoppers from Brunswick, Ga area to the Macon, Ga Area.. Im looking for anyone who may have a dedicated back haul from the Macon area back torwards South Georgia or North Florida. If annyone has any info or may have some loads they need moved I am looking for back haul loads for the entire year. Thanks in advance.

3 Replies + 3 - 2 Last Post: 2/14/2018
After running my numbers from last year, , Im at $2.28/ cost per mile based on a 2500 mile week, $3 fuel, driver pay at 38 cents loaded and all the overhead costs. I have zero profit figured in that. I love trucking but given current rates, Im running the equity out of my trucks.. ELD s have exacerbated this dilema. I think we need to bill the locations when we are held captive to our load and forced to wait for loading, unloading, detention or testing. Im going to carry my invoice book along an

+ 1 Last Post: 2/13/2018
2006 Timpte 78. 102 43 big doors Electric tarp 217-653-5208

Last Post: 2/13/2018
2006 Timpte 78. 102 43 big doors Electric tarp 217-653-5208

Last Post: 2/13/2018
Looking for a commodity Hopper tandem axel cornhusker, timpte, Wilson Thanks Terry

28 Replies - 6 Last Post: 2/13/2018
Looking for western iowa trucks to bring on board and dispatch. Call with any questions. 712-579-8262

+ 1 Last Post: 2/12/2018
Someone had a new side kit for sale awhile back. Anyone know who it was? Art Pfluger

Last Post: 2/11/2018
We are in despirate need of a tanker from Houston to Jacksonville, FL picking up today or tomorrow is ideal but anytime this week. From the LBC terminal in Seabrook, TX the product is Ethylene Glycol, no pump needed center or rear ok. Please call 832-541-7776 if you can cover.

Last Post: 2/11/2018
NY/NJ Area Flatbed/Stepdecks Needed Long haul

1 Replies - 1 Last Post: 2/11/2018
looking for dispatcher for trucking companyphone # (916)548-5796ask for naidu

1 Replies + 2 Last Post: 2/11/2018
Hello all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks running. We hav

1 Replies + 2 - 3 Last Post: 2/10/2018
Looking ltb an aluminum end dump trailer, 37-39ft no spread axles..... thanks.

Last Post: 2/9/2018
Looking ltb an aluminum end dump trailer, 37-39ft no spread axles..... thanks.

Last Post: 2/9/2018
Looking ltb an aluminum end dump trailer, 37-39ft no spread axles..... thanks.

Last Post: 2/9/2018
Looking ltb an aluminum end dump trailer, 37-39ft no spread axles..... thanks.

Last Post: 2/9/2018
Looking ltb an aluminum end dump trailer, 37-39ft no spread axles..... thanks.

Last Post: 2/9/2018
This is not really a complaint... but more of an attempt to bring awareness... BROKERS/SHIPPERS.... Stop the generalized thought process that ALL we want as owner operators is $2.00 a mile.. That may have been the case yester year but alot of variables have changed... I know that alot of you feel that as long as you offer $2.00 a mile that some are just jumping for joy... when the truth of the matter is.. that's just the starting point... over the last few months, I've seen quite a few brokers p

11 Replies + 37 - 12 Last Post: 2/9/2018
We are looking for trucks running every day loads from Millcreak Ok to San Antonio Tx then San Antonio Tx To Houston Tx if u interested to head that way. loads easy load and unload. Text me at : 833 396 2297

13 Replies - 9 Last Post: 2/9/2018
DO NOT LOAD For Nolan star!! They will pay out!!! Be careful with this company

+ 1 Last Post: 2/9/2018
I have been looking at Hopper's for awhile now and I am wondering what the difference is. Any help would be great.

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What’s to haul around El Paso TX that pays decent?

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2008 tempte 42f 102w 78s. All new tires. And brakes. Tarp is good white side. 18000. Call or text 479/746/4448

Last Post: 2/8/2018
Christianburg VA to Petersburg PA 2 loads misc railroad materials. Must be able to scale 46000#. Pays $850 200 miles

Last Post: 2/8/2018
I am a Chemical Distributor based out of Houston Texas. I have several Bulk Tanker loads need moved this week and could use help. Our pick up location will be the LBC terminal in Seabrook, TX the product is hazardous most of our loads will be going to Louisiana and Texas, but we do have loads going to Savanah, Pennsylvania and Colorodo.

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If you know of any walking floor companies in the State of ARkansas would you please send there name & phone # if possible or you can call me @ 501-796-2823.. thx

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Has any drivers or brokers had any experience with Propak logistics ?

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Has anyone had experience of loading grain out of the field in a standard clearance hopper? Did you have any trouble bottoming out on any terrces or getting in and out of the pasture? I'm trying to decide whether or not I need to purchase an ag hopper or standard hopper, I'll be loading out of the field during harvest season, other than that I'll just be running the road.

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Anybody hauling for Murphy Brown or also known as Smithfield grain? I would love to hear some feedback on their loads and rates if anybody is hauling for them or knows anything about them.

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Good Afternoon everyone I am new in the bulk commodity hauling business looking for a company to keep me busy with loads loading around Fond Du Lac area and going to nearby states around Wisconsin and then looking for a backhaul to my home state, decent pay and someone who is a good place/organization to do business with thank you alot

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Gm all I’m currently doing dry van out of Central NC area and was contemplating on crossing over to Hopper freight. The question I have is how is the Hopper hauling here in NC as far as loads I’ve noticed there are quite a few headed south to GA and SC. Are their any good brokers and how are the load boards? Any info or feedback will be appreciated. Thanks and God bless.

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Looking to get into pulling a hopper to run this area. What can I expect to make a day gross running this area. Feel free to email me if it's top secret info. Thanks.

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I’ll have many walking floor trailers dumping in Okeechobee, FL and I’m looking for loads daily to Miami,FL. Please contact me at [email protected]

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We are located in North Carolina and we are looking to supplement our trucking sources. We utilize walking floors, end dumps, and belt trailers to supply our customers with bulk deliveries of "potting soil". If interested, please email us and we will send a Rate Sheet back to you. Thank you, Scotty Hipps

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Many of us were baffled why trump did not intervene and stop the ELD mandate. What sticks out to me the most, is the way the media has been reporting the story, that the ELD could not be responsible for the transportation crisis, becuase the HOS did not change...... The spin that is being pushed, is that it is the trump economy that is driving it, becuase trump is such a genius, that now for the first time in history there are not enough trucks, the economy is growing so fast, that nothing can

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Looking for owner operators in iowa and nebraska and kansas to run dedicated every week. Shoot me an email [email protected] or call or txt 712 579 8262

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Hello everyone I'm looking for a price to get two trailers from elberfeld, in to Lakeville mn

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Hello- Does anyone know Jake at Heim Transport Company? Trying to reach him. Want to make sure he is OK.

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I will need a wash out next week with a walking floor in single digit or lower temperatures. We don't usually operate in these conditions. What should I expect? How do you deal? I usually don't like to go out of the house if it's less 55 degrees. This will be a personal challenge. LOL. Art Pfluger

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Please contact me if you have capacity for the above lane. Food-grade washouts needed prior, and drop trailers at loading site would be helpful (can take eight hours to load). Interested in ASAP, as well as further out. Thank you in advance.

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Hello, I'm looking for a carrier to haul consistently a load a week of feed out of baltimore MD to go to farms in the Virgina area. Roughy the loads will be 120 miles or less. If you have any interest, please feel free to send me an email or give me a call. Thank you, Wilbur-Ellis Feed LLC. Ryan Finnegan 804-420-0900 [email protected]

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Looking for a carrier to handle 3 loads/day New Bedford MA to Morrisville PA. Liquid Fish Waste non hazmat. 8 to 5 both sides loading and delivery M-F. Rear single barrel insulated trailer.

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I have aluminum end dump trailers looking for work.

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Guys, I know most on this site are conservative, but i can't help but thinking Trump has turned his back on us haulers. Fuel is up, rates are down, and now we have to Big Brother government watching us with the ELD's. While we suffer, Trump is off galavanting in Asia - neglecting the heartland and the heartbeat of the USA. For those who voted for Trump, what do you think now? Or is it too early to judge? Thanks

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Anyone looking for any trucks to run Wisconsin or maybe in to Minnesota a little ways if needed let me know. Have a multiple belts, dumps, hoppers and stepdecks. Been doing this a long time but looking to find some more work and maybe branch out a bit. My guys are top of the line and we always get things done on time and in an orderly fashion. Thanks in advance.

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Non haz dry bulk fertilizer from Boron, CA to Warden, WA. Looking only for quotes at this time.

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Looking for pneumatic carrier for dry bulk materials that operates in the Fort Smith/Van Buren, AR area as a point of origin.

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Humpty dumty sat on the wall, Humpty dumty had a big fall, all the king's horses and all the king's men, could'nt put humpty Dumpty together again........ Hymmm. The supply chain sat on the wall, Then the ELD caused it to fall, all of the FMCSA, and ATA's men, could'nt get the Driver's back into those trucks again. Bahahaha.

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need millet moved in northern colorado from briggsdale to akron. any interest?

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hi looking for company that need a broker just get ahold of me thanks everyone for your time and if anyone is looking for a load get ahold me

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American Protein in Cummings GA, I know it?s rendering plant, but the nastiest place I?ve rolled in to. Road was wet with slime of decomposing poultry. Scale operator is a rude woman on a power trip who yells directives with no explanation. I hope you fair better than I

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I am looking for hopper bottom loads going to the general Minot/Bismarck area. We are heading that direction, one or two times per week. Coming from Milbank SD (northeast SD) We go through Aberdeen SD, as well as Fargo ND depending on which route we decide. We are pretty flexible on timing and locations. call Dale at 605-467-0732 Thanks

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is there any shippers out there need a broker or do you need to move your loads or is there any drivers out there looking for hopper bottom loads or stepdeck van

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Anyone know of some owner operators or company drivers with stepdecks to run to california? if so in need of if interested to travel that far. Also any flatbeds that's down in Mississippi with flatbeds interested in going to florida. Email me if interested.

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I currently have one tanker pulling mineral oil. This tank is dedicated to hauling clean mineral oil. I have enough work with it to keep it moving about 70-80% of the time throughout the midwest. If you have any leads or know of anyone needing help pulling mineral oil please let me know. Thanks in advance. My email is [email protected] or 785-200-0587

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are there any rgns around Knoxville Tn that can transport a truck to central Florida

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Hello owners of small fleet i have room for 2 more trucks so id your looking for load let me know

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I'm looking for reasonably priced cargo,liability and physical damage and hopper trailer insurance

Last Post: 1/23/2018
Does anybody have one of these Cornhusker Aggregate Hopper trailers ? We haul Limestone, Sand , Crushed Coal. would this trailer be good for this material ? We have been pulling a Aluminum Beal Bellydump, would like to get a lower tare weight.

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Attention Brokers who haven’t received Team SR Trucking’s 2018 Price Rates I've been compelled to post this information because of the unbelievable amount of time wasted, on the phone arguing with brokers and shippers, that call Team SR, asking us to move a load at a rate that they think is so great in their perspective, but is not necessarily Team SR’s. So I need to explain some things. Regularly Team SR is $2.35 all miles, plus tol

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Currently looking for owner ops in iowa or eastern ne. shoot me an email if interested [email protected]

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Rate is negotiable - Call 316 308 0417

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I am retiring and have a real nice one owner ( until I bought it ) 1993 kw with a new out of frame rebuilt 3406 600 horse with about 40000 miles on it with so many extras to name including Hydrolics hood air ride steer axel two line wet kit along with 2008 Mac end dump Truck is worth atleat 50=55000 trailer is worth atleast 30000 I would take 70000 firm must see to appreciate custom wood interior. If interested call or text mike at 314-960-3349 thanks

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Hello all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks running. We hav

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Any good hopper companies in Louisiana or Mississippi

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Im in need of trillian usernames!!!!!!!!!!

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My question is, what brokers are worth working with and will fight for you? A lot of loads don’t have a price posted and the ones that do post a price are putting you in the negative. If you get tied in with a broker can you make the money you need or is pulling hopper bottoms a lost cause?

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I've been lucky and haven'y had to haul any cottonseed,,yet. Besides not being able to get weight how bad is it to unload it out of an end dump without a barn door?

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96” wide, 72” sides, 43’ with ag hoppers. How much weight can you get on ballpark? If anyone has an idea I would appreciate it or if anyone wants to insult me for asking the question I would be entertained by it. I’ve asked a couple of guys but nobody with my particular trailer size. Thanks

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Hello all, Michael and I are looking for O/O’s or small trucking companies that would like to be part of our growing dedicated hopper team. Here at RFG we care about your company’s goals & making your drivers the most money possible while also getting them home regularly so they can be with their family & friends. Centrally located in Omaha, NE we have an amazing team from a diverse background in the industry to help keep your trucks running. We hav

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Yes we are looking for a very more good O/O or Compnay with hopper and some O/O with belt/end dumps /or floor trailer , to work with the Team here at Nortwest Transportation Service , If you are looking for someone to find you some of the best paying load in the US , Lets talk about what we can do for YOU . We have 7 offices , Starting with the main office in Vancouver WA , and also in Billings MT, Nampa ID ,Surprise AZ ,Vermillion SD , West Fargo ND , and Fremont NE ,

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I'm looking for liquid fertilizer carriers that would be interested in hauling for us this spring out of our terminal in Fairmount, ND. Please contact me if interested.

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older low miles worth owning at a discount?

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This ELD madate that we pay for has absolutely no benefit to the drivers or the company. My drivers are more stressed out, worn out, and tire while having to drive than ever before. our loads are force to deliver and pick up late all the time and brokers dont understand this and I am very concered that this will cause poor relationships with our customers. If we can't get a load picked up in time or deliver it on time, I would like to say in I am sorry in ADVANC. It's not our reputation but we m

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I have a 63 in Peterbilt sleeper for sale 1500 bucks comes complete with AC and heat

Last Post: 1/12/2018
Trusting a Collection is not a common thing. Back in the day, (giving away my age) Collectors were hateful, threatening and MOST of all uneducated. We know Freight. We understand The Tariff Laws like the back of our hands. We fight re-weighs, we fight re-classifications. We help push claims through to get a decision. We get Grain, we get weight loss. We fight for detention time. But more importantly we know YOUR industry as carriers. We understand that your job is t

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I'm very new to the trucking and I know hopper bottoms usually pay by the bushel.. What does it need to pay a loaded mile to make it work? Thanks so much for the info..

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I'm an owner operator looking for the best company to work for pulling their loads of any bulk commodities in the state of wisco and around the 50 mile radius of fond du lac,wi. desirable trips that I can get and reload and come back and make it back the same day left within my 14hrs of service and that pay decently

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I'm buying a new end dump and wondering if the spread is worth the extra money and weight. I am relatively new to the bulk biz. Our reefers have a sliding tandems and we don't have any issues with weight on the rears but these rear axles on the dumps don't move and i was wanting to know if weight on the rear has been a big problem or not. The one we have now is a spread and just dont want to buy a tandem and wish i would have bought a spread. There just seems to be more tandems out there by far

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I have a 30ft aluminum end dump looking for work in Virginia Richmond and surrounding area.

Last Post: 1/11/2018
A couple of years ago I planned on coming out of retirement and planned on purchasing a Volvo and either a TIMPTE or WILSON hopper. Possibly a couple of each. However, due to an illness this was put on the back burner and why those of you I have talked to in the past have not seen me around for a while. With all the interference from the government in the trucking industry, whether this concerns deregulation, the H.O.S. fiasco, or the stupid E.L.D. mandate, I believe the bulk load di

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Found my little log book on Amazon It tracks your every move bases on google map. Tried one today it showed my route start time and when I fueled and when I stopped. Isn’t that all dot wants. I just plugged it into the USB port on the printer and I have a page to give them. It shows what the logbook shows. It was 80.00 no fees for ever I opted for the warranty. Anyone else use this. I showed I stopped for 1hr15 minutes for fuel and lunch

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In eastern Colorado right now wanting to rent hopper bottom Where is good place to go to or does anyone have one for rent.

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Detention time is a HUGE problem to you carriers. You spend money standing still, and companies do not want to pay you for your time and lost wages due to not hauling. The 4 Points Group has a clear understand how hard this is for you all. We also have unique angles at trying to collect detention time. Do we collect them all? NO, but we are setting the ground work and are one of the few who will try !! Call The 4 Points Group today 888-244-9403

- 2 Last Post: 1/10/2018
Currently running anywhere from 25-40 loads of crushed cars from Livonia, MI to Mansfield, OH each month & looking for a couple additional carriers to get on board as volume has become larger. The material does not need to be tarped, just chai

Last Post: 1/10/2018
Looking for end dump carriers to haul machine shop turnings from Melrose Park, IL to Detroit, MI. Material can be hauled in an aluminum or steel trailer. Please email Brook at

Last Post: 1/10/2018
I have 39' frameless end dumps and 28' frame end dumps looking for work

1 Replies Last Post: 1/10/2018
give me a shout or shhot me an [email protected](quickpay)

Last Post: 1/10/2018
I need haulers with ACT 90 - I have 100 ton/ 4 loads a day going from Jersey City, NJ to York, Pa. Must have ACT 90. SEND RATES TO: [email protected]

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If Interested, Contact me with your Name, Phone and email. I will call you back. Lance Wells Iron Hart Services

Last Post: 1/9/2018
I have been a member of this site for several years. I have read many comments that you all have to say and I do enjoy the reading. I have never voiced my opinion over many things that I have read. But I feel that now is the time. IF YOU CANNOT MAKE MONEY WITH THE HOURS THAT WE ARE GIVEN THEN DO NOT DO IT. Please, please, please!!!!! Find something that makes you the living that you need to sustain your livelihood because if you have to work longer than the hours that are given you are only maki

6 Replies + 19 - 7 Last Post: 1/9/2018
My company is shipping scrap steel from a demolition job in the east side of Indy to Steel Dynamics in Pittsboro. This type of material will require steel end dump trailers. We'd like to pay a day rate for loading & delivering multiple loads each day.We're hoping to ship 60 loads a week until the job is finished. The job will last a while so we'll have consistent work for any drivers who

Last Post: 1/9/2018
A while back someone who followed this board posted a link to private website for small trucking operations to discuss business. If that person is still following this board or knows the site I'm talking about, I would really appreciate it if someone could post the link or name in reply to this. Thanks in advance!

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Who is going to start paying up for all these washouts? It seems that more and more companies are requiring washouts before loading. We even have some companies requiring that we washout before loading grain after hauling fertilizer. We have not had any problems with contaminated loads, but have been told that numerous companies have had. What ever happened to the day when a driver knew how to grab a broom after each load and clean a trailer out? What are some of you going to do to offset t

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2005 acert. So I install a 6nz ecm ecm says 2000 year should qualify as a glider or not

18 Replies + 3 - 1 Last Post: 1/8/2018
What eld is promoted or suggested by Fmcsa. Apps or elds

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