Bulk Trucking Podcasts

Title Date
Listen to This Before You Renew Your Insurance Premium with Zac Sumners 11-24-21
There’s No Limit to What You Can Track with Jason Meixner 11-19-21
Making Your Own DEF and Saving $$$ with William Walls 11-12-21
The System That Moved 591 Million Bushels in 12 Months with Brad Ryan and Michael Hinton 11-02-21
Not Treating Drivers Like Commodities with Jason Eisenman 10-29-21
Fast Pace Trading Commodity Futures at the CBOT with Ryan Nelson 10-22-21
Creating a Successful 'Direct Ship' Grain Marketing Program with Angie Setzer 10-15-21
An Easier Way to Find Farm Labor with Kevin Johansen of AgButler 10-08-21
Applying Navy Seal Training to Ag Tech with Trevor Thompson 10-01-21
Rebuilding the Stuckey's Brand with Stephanie Stuckey 09-24-21
Growing From 1 to 200 Trucks in 5 Years with Demarco Thomas 09-16-21
The Grain Semi-Truck That Caught America's Attention with Dylan Mercier 09-10-21
View Your Trailer Loading and Unloading From Inside the Cab! with Roland Wohlgemuth 09-03-21
Building a Grain Software System from the Ground Up with Jeff Malone of Grainworx 08-27-21
Steps to Increase Your Rates with Shippers with Tim Brady 08-20-21
Interviewing Jared Flinn on the History of BulkLoads 08-12-21
Providing Affordable Healthcare for Your Trucking Business with Steve Kelly 08-06-21
From Commodity Trading to CEO of One of the Largest Grain Companies with Randy Linville 07-30-21
Starting Kingpin Logistics from International Feed with Nick, Travis, and Bill 07-23-21
Weight is Money with Dean Grose of Comtech Industries 07-16-21
How This Bulk Hauler Finds Fitness on the Road with Dale Hermans 07-08-21
Trading Four-Wheelers and Airplanes for Semi-Trucks with Trae Viser of Arrow Truck Sales 07-02-21
Working with Railroads Instead of Competing Against Them with Wade Riffey 06-25-21
Ever Have a Load Get Stuck in Your Trailer? with Michael Holland 06-18-21
Loading 1,100 Bushels in 3 Minutes with Jaxson Hoffman of Hoffman Grain Services 06-11-21
Creating a 30,000+ Facebook Group with Chad Boblett of 'Rate Per Mile Masters' 06-04-21
Are Digital Documents Here to Stay? with Rachael Biesterfeld 05-28-21
Is $7 Corn Good for Bulk Trucking? with Nate Broders 05-21-21
Don't Be Apart of the 90% That Fail with Tim Brady 05-13-21
The End of Fertilizer Season? or Just the Beginning? with Steve Morgan 05-07-21
Making Roadside Breakdowns Hassle Free with Robin Gregg 04-29-21
That Can Go in a Hopper?? With Shannen White of Dacapo Transportation 04-23-21
Creating a Win/Win for Carriers and Brokers with Steven Preston 04-16-21
How to Negotiate Better Rates in Bulk Freight 04-09-21
Buying the Right Tires for Your Bulk Hauling Operation with Hadley Longenecker 04-02-21
What Goes Up, Must Come Down with Zach Strickland of FreightWaves 03-26-21
Only Pay for the Insurance You Need with special guest Matthew Vega-Sanz 03-21-21
Custom Rigs and Aftermarket Parts with Scott Bradley of Big Rig Chrome Shop 03-12-21
What's Happening in the Grain Market and What to Expect in 2021 with Jon Scheve 03-05-21
How a Clean Rig Represents Your Company with Mike Lowry of Image Wash Products 02-26-21
Understanding Fuel Surcharges in the Current State of the Economy with Wayne Levinson of Bulk FR8 02-19-21
Mixing Family and Business with Ryan Garber of GFI Transport 02-12-21
Fuel Up While Sitting in Line to Load or Unload with Carlo Passacantando 02-05-21
How This Trucker Solved the Age Old Problem of Flickering Trailer Lights with Robert Patterson 01-29-21
A Dispatch System for All BulkLoads Members to Use 01-22-21
Opportunities in Pneumatic Freight with Ben Caplenor of Bulkmatic 01-15-21
Strategies and Business Planning in Trucking for 2021 with Tim Brady 01-11-21
What to Expect in the Fertilizer Market for 2021 with special guest Steve Morgan 12-31-20
An App That Allows Flexible Scheduling in Trucking with Timothy Henry 12-23-20
The Real Cost of Truck Ownership with Darin Stambaugh of Freightliner 12-18-20
Bringing Deceased Truckers Back to Their Families with Robert Palm 12-11-20
What this Bulk Hauler Does to Stand Out with Shippers! with James Mitchell 12-04-20
Why You Can't Use One Truck to Support Another Truck With Tim Brady 11-20-20
Removing Your Emotions When Making Critical Business Decisions with John Pfanner 11-12-20
What Makes Mac Trailer the #1 Leader in Commodity Hauling? With Founder Mike Conny and David Edwards of Mac Trailers 11-06-20
Growing Your Fleet: From One Truck to Multi-Truck With Rob Brackett 10-30-20
Huckleberry's Hammer: The Perfect Multi-Tool for Truckers with Mike Wade 10-23-20
From Photography to Missions and Now Bulk Shipping With Dan & Kari Elliot 10-16-20
The History and Innovations of Cornhusker 800 with Jeremy Barnhill 10-09-20
Picking the Right Hopper Trailer with Doug Cooney of Timpte Trailers 10-02-20
Diagnostics Made Easy, Putting The Technology In Your Hands with Tyler Robertson of Diesel Laptops 09-25-20
How to Know You are Hiring the Right Driver with Adrian Chapman of Cover 3 Consulting 09-18-20
Your Network Is Your Net Worth with Ryan Schreiber 09-11-20
A Peak Into the Custom Harvesting Industry with Bryan Guyer 09-04-20
The Ins and Outs of Belt Trailers with Keith Eastman of Trinity Trailers 08-28-20
Company Spotlight: Northern Ag Transportation with Phil Strouse 08-21-20
The World of Transloading With Special Guest- Andrew Oud 08-14-20
Stuck Finding Parking? The App that will solve all of your parking problems! With Anthony Petitte of Truck Park 08-07-20
On Board Scales - A MUST Have for Bulk Haulers! 07-31-20
Bulk Opportunities with Agri Science Businesses with Charley Dehoney of Mannings Truck Brokerage 07-24-20
From DOT Officer to Transportation Manager with Adam Shamoon 07-17-20
Bruce Oakley and Their 800 Owner Operators with Jeremy Kellett 07-10-20
Truck Drivers are Salesmen Too! With Kevin Hill 07-02-20
The New Truck Insurance Bill and How it's Going to Affect Small Carriers with Larry Hurt! 06-26-20
From Professional Boxer to Hauling Fuel to SpaceX with Bailey Bobbit of American Petrolog 06-19-20
Creating A Marketplace for International Freight with Cory Margand 06-12-20
Updating Hours of Service in the Transportation Industry- Good or Bad? With Tim Brady 06-05-20
Will Truckers Be Required to Wear Face Masks Moving Forward? 05-29-20
A Fuel Card For 'Mom and Pop' Truckstops with Sanjay Desai of Mudflap 05-22-20
Expanding Services from Bulk to Military Hauling with Garrett Bowers of Bowers Trucking & Logistics 05-15-20
Why Bulk Carriers are the Backbone for the Grain and Feed Industry with John Dill 05-08-20
Looking at the Opportunities in Bulk Truck through COVID19 with Tim Brady 05-01-20
Are Harmonizing Truck Weight Limits Nationwide Beneficial For Bulk Haulers with Rob Brackett 04-24-20
Company Spotlight: Liberty Logistics in Lake City, FL 04-17-20
Barchart Releases Marketplace to Connect Grain Elevators with Farmers with Keith Petersen 04-10-20
BulkLoads Member James Mcguinness on Contracting and Battling COVID19 04-03-20
A Hat to Detect Driver Fatigue with Tim Ekert of SmartCap 03-27-20
How Government Regulation has Changed Trucking Over the Years with Jerry Ashley of Agra-Logistics 03-20-20
Has Deregulation Helped or Hurt Trucking? 03-13-20
Grain Elevator Owner, Truck Driver and Now Broker with Kathy DePauw and Shawn Kilpatrick 03-06-20
Growing From 4 to over 70 Brokers in 5 Years with John Kuhlman of Agforce 02-28-20
Why You Should be Using Swag to Promote Your Business with Jack Beile 02-21-20
Ray Roche with US Trans on Acquisitions and Future Growth 02-14-20
BulkLoads State of the Union with Jared and Hailey 02-09-20
How Brazil Successfully Conducted A Nationwide Trucking Strike with Caleb Kindle 01-31-20
Are Fuel Cards Worth Using With Brian Huber! 01-24-20
How using Facebook can Grow your Trucking Business 01-20-20
How To Be Successful in Trucking for 2020 with Tim Brady 01-10-20
A Driver App To Manage Internal Facility Information with Nicole Mitchell 01-05-20
From Farmer to Large Truck Stop & Repair Service! 12-27-19
Jeff Ogren's Freight Tech Journey From Trucker Path to Uber Freight and Now Veritread 12-20-19
BLP 074: Truckin' Angels for Christ with Mona Beedle 12-13-19
Keeping the Inside of Your Trailer From Freezing UP with Tim Carr of Cold Release 12-09-19
Hauling Gold with Northwest Transportation Services 11-29-19
Interview with Loni Martin and Marlene Doar of Rocky Wells on their Explosive Growth 11-22-19
The Greater the Risk the Greater the Reward - Comparing O/O to Company Drivers! With Tim Brady! 11-14-19
Missile Silos and Windmill Farm Trucking Opportunities with Mike Gomez of Conveyabull 11-08-19
The struggles and beauties of hauling apples and cherries! 10-31-19
Creating an App to Connect Farmers with Grain Buyers with Faith Larson of Grain Bridge 10-25-19
When to Expect a Rebound in Frac with Blue Sexton 10-18-19
How Fuel Surcharges are Calculated with Wayne Levinson 10-13-19
Helping Farmers Find More Value and Better Prices with Chad Sager 10-06-19
Ken Foltz on Growing to One of the Largest Hopper Bottom Fleets Nationwide 09-29-19
How to Market and Grow Your Business Using Social Media with Matt Mecum 09-22-19
How many Women are in Bulk Trucking with Diane Baumann 09-15-19
Five New Trucking Revisions on HOS with Andrea Marks of Trucker Nation 09-08-19
Do You Have a Chain of Command with Your Drivers? Or Fellow Brokers? 09-01-19
Can you use Satellite Imaging to Gather Truck Data with Jim O'Brien of Agrograph 08-25-19
What You Might Not Know About ELD Hours of Service (HOS) and Ag Exemptions with Andrea Marks 08-18-19
Reasons Why Trucking Companies Fail and How to Avoid Them with Tim Brady 08-11-19
Discussion with Jon Scheve of Superior Feed on the Relationship between Grain Marketing and Trucking 08-04-19
How PT Brokers has Become One of the Largest Brokers in the Bulk Industry 07-28-19
Current Kansas Wheat Crop Report and Trucking Opportunities with Troy Presley of Comark Equity Alliance 07-21-19
This new device is a game changer for end dump trailers 07-14-19
Opportunities in the Hemp Industry with Kelly Wilson 07-08-19
How to Profit in a Low Spot Rate Market with Tim Brady 07-01-19
Connecting Grain Companies with Farmers through Agrihound 06-24-19
What to Look For In New and Used Trucks and Glider Kits 06-17-19
Discussion on the New 'Generation' Hopper Trailer with Travis Eby, President of Eby Trailers 06-10-19
Benefits of On Board Scales with Michael Ferguson of Air Weigh 06-03-19
Hopper Bottom Ups and Downs with Curt Visser of Visser Trucking 05-28-19
The Value and Underlying Benefits of Using a Load Board 05-19-19
Commodity trailer technologies and an upcoming 50th anniversary celebration with Dan Taylor, Regional Manager of Western Trailer from Boise, Idaho 05-13-19
Debunking the Myths of Freight Factoring with Rachael Biesterfeld and Aaron Hoffman 05-06-19
What it takes to have a 'Show Rig' with Colton Chase of Chase Trucking 04-29-19
Vibration Systems for Dry Bulk Tankers with Michael Holland of Martin Vibration 04-22-19
How to Give Young Drivers a Leg Up with Blake Naugle 04-15-19
Women in Trucking with Angelica Larsson from Sweden 04-08-19
How to Calculate Freight Rates with Wayne Levinson 04-01-19
Truck Freight Futures with Craig Fuller 03-24-19
How to get Paid Detention Time with Tim Brady 03-17-19
Moving Salt with Alex Hughes at Blackstrap Inc. 03-10-19
Ron Berkening 03-03-19
Shipper and Broker Relationships with Cameron Contini 02-24-19
Buying Directly from Farmers and Transporting to Feed Mills with Maggie Jo from Tyson Foods 02-17-19
Ads on the side of Truck Trailers with Big Rig Billboards 02-10-19
Hauling and Cleanout for Bulk Produce and Pet Foods with Brock Massin of Prostar Ventures 02-03-19
Transporting Bulk Liquids with Wayne Levinson of Bulk FR8 01-27-19
Legal Services for Trucking Companies with Jake Sitler of CDL Legal 01-20-19
A different way of Collecting Past Due Payments with Jill Smith of The Safen Group 01-13-19
Where is Trucking at now and where will it be in the future with Russ O'Quinn of Tri-Star Logistics 01-06-19
Hauling Product Containing Moisture During the Winter with Tim Carr of Portable Crushing 12-30-18
A Community Christmas That Started In The Cab Of A Truck With Trent McCain Of McCain Enterprises 12-23-18
Retaining and Recruiting Employees in Trucking with Tim Hammerich of AgGrad 12-16-18
Surety Freight Broker Bonds with Steve Haught of JW Bond Consultants 12-09-18
Marketing Grain with Alain Goubau of Farm Lead 12-02-18
The state of the Commodity Market with Nate Broders of First Rate Trading 11-25-18
Special Thanksgiving Episode with Tary Prewitt of Cutoff Creek Transport 11-19-18
Diesel ECM Tuning with Clint Ingham and Michael Granger of J-Ball Electronics 11-11-18
Credit Management with Chuck Bibb 11-04-18
Barge Traffic with Tom Venable of Basin Commerce 10-28-18
Pneumatic Freight with Timber Naegle of Sutton Truck Line 10-22-18
Fuel Efficiency with Rob Brackett of Turbo Turtle Logistics 10-15-18
Factoring for the Bulk Freight Industry with Rachael Biesterfeld of Smart Freight Funding 10-08-18
Trucking in the Oil Fields of Texas with Mike Cole of Bobeaux Trucking 10-01-18
Should teen drivers be allowed with Robert Weiner 09-23-18
Finding the best truck insurance for Grain Haulers with Tracy Moore 09-16-18
Similarities and differences in trucking in Canada and the US with Nancy Harder 09-09-18
Successes in Bulk Trucking with Ed Decker 09-02-18
Brokerage in the Bulk Trucking Industry with Blane Neufeld 08-26-18
The benefits of using a trailer vibrator with Craig Macklin 08-19-18
How fuel cards work and can benefit you with Brian Huber 08-12-18
The current challenges in Bulk Trucking with Curt Visser 08-07-18
Wheat harvest and trucking with Fred Schweer 07-30-18
How drought conditions will affect trucking in the Midwest, with Chad Vilwok 07-24-18