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Timpte supercube

Sep 17, 2021 at 11:50 AM CST
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Are these trailers any good ? Was looking for a trailer and found one of these. Does grain come out of them easy ?
Replied on Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 03:51 PM CST
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We own 8. You will not go wrong with this trailer. Ours are 78"x102"x43' with 48" doors. The cubic feet of capacity is around 2200 and can get a good load of any commodity hauled.

Replied on Fri, Sep 17, 2021 at 10:11 PM CST
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I've owned 4 and the last 2 where 84x102x43 with 54inch doors. Haven't used a vibrator on the last 2 trailers ever. DDG,cottonseed,soybean meal, or any other feed products comes right out. The trick is to keep it clean.

Replied on Sun, Sep 19, 2021 at 09:15 PM CST
84 sides with 54” doors even midds come out well