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The History and Future of BulkLoads

Sep 05, 2023 at 08:02 AM CST

In this episode of the BulkLoads Podcast, the rolls reverse as Bulk Insurance CEO Larry Hurt interviews founder Jared Flinn. Jared shares his journey from growing up on the family farm, to being a college graduate navigating a tough job market and the early years building up to BulkLoads. He explores his motivations, from recognizing the potential of technology to his desire to give back to the trucking community. Listen to the why behind Jared's entrepreneurial spirit and his passion for truckers in this great industry.

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BulkLoads Members,

It's been an honor producing content/podcasts. My goal is always to encourage and help those we proudly serve. But....can I ask a favor? What subjects/content would you enjoy more listening to and learning about? You can comment here or email me directly to [email protected]

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