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It can be hard, but can be done...

May 20, 2021 at 12:21 PM CST
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This spring we have been hauling equipment with stepdeck and I must say there are thousands of loads available right now. I have been mostly local and hauling for my farming buddies as farmers are always buying and selling shipping and paying trucking on both ends of sell-wholesale, buy retail..Being a farmer myself we find short runs from N. Missouri and stay in a 300 mi radius and haul 2-3 days a week. Seems as the grain side of trucking is pretty good right now with higher commodities and lets hope a big crop comes in this summer and fall. Thats when I will hook back up to the hopper bottom. I will haul for my buddies with corn and maybe local elevators. So, to the youngsters on here and really everybody for that matter, it can be real hard, but can be done, just keep searching for your niche. Rates are pretty good right now so build your relationship with customers for future peaceful negotiations. Lots of options out there, Some may be able to run just a few days per week, some can get home every night, some love the long haul and living on the road, some can follow the harvest runs and the likes. So in ending - It can be hard, but can be done.. Good luck out there drivers. Dave Hughes..

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Well said, I totally agree. I've parked the hopper as well and am hooked up to a food grade tank staying as busy as I want to be. The ability to pivot to different types of freight is the key. Hopefully, hopper rates will catch up soon. While I'd rather be pulling the hopper, I'm not willing to make less than I could with a different trailer.