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Oct 22, 2020 at 12:30 PM CST
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Hi everyone! HELP!!! :) My agents and shippers have urgent needs and I CANNOT BELIEVE how hard it is to find a carrier company not at capacity right now...even the big dogs are strapped. I'm hoping to meet some independents and smaller companies in this forum so we can develop relationships that last and help each other man. Urgent need is a flatbed with tarps from Parma, ID to Santa Teresa, NM for pickup Saturday, 10/24, at $3200 plus $100 for tarps.

We can get the legal mumbo jumbo out of the way via email, so we can move a load together when needed quickly. Please email me at [email protected] We need reefers all week long from ID to WA and ID to CA and ID everywhere, lol. Would like to get some dedicated carriers for many. (one example is I have a shipper needing 96 loads moved a month, and are willing to give them all to us, but I can't find any carriers!! I told me team I'm gonna get a commercial license and jump in a truck my dang self soon!! haha) Have some from TX to TX, CO to TX, NC, SC, FL, NJ, CT, PA,....a little bit of everywhere. If you guys need lanes covered, as in you are somewhere and constantly are looking for a load from your drop-off point, just email me the lane and I will try to get some shippers for you on that lane. This should be a partnership, so I'm happy to make shipper calls where you need them as well! I'm covered by a factoring compay with 21 day standard pay or quick pay at only 2.5%.

Email or call me and let's talk about how we can help each other (and even if you can't help me right now, let me know what lanes you want me to help you find shippers for)!!!

Thanks!! Teddi 402-251-5190


DOT # 3469954 MC # 1135435