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Aug 30, 2021 at 10:59 AM CST

I have a shipper who has loads set to pull cars for the rest of the year to different races. You would just pick up the trailer and drop it off. You will not be sitting around. I will send you a BOL to get signed. This shipper is paying upfront. So you would get payment as soon as you send proof over of you delivering the trailer.

All these loads pickup on Monday and must be delivered by Wednesday. So those who dispatch out of the pickup locations this would be perfect for you. I am giving the list you can review and if you want to lock in a load let me know. The first load starts next week. I will be needing someone.

September Races

Sept 6 Pick up
Indianapolis, IN to Mohnton, PA

Sept 13 Pick Up
Mohnton, PA to Concord, NC
Mile 534
Rate $1200

Sept 20 Pick Up
Concord, NC to Madison, IL
Mile 724
Rate $1900

Sept 27
Madison, IL to Ennis, TX
Approx Mile: 674
Rate $2200

October Races

OCT 11
Ennis TX to Bristol TN
Mile: 983
Rate $2400

Oct 18
Bristol TN to Las Vegas, NV
Miles: 2,093
Rate $4300

November Races

Nov 8

Las Vegas NV to Pomona, CA
Miles: 243
Rate $600