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Mar 02, 2021 at 11:02 PM CST
KMD Logistics WE CURRENTLY HAVE CONSISTENT LANES FOR REEFERS, FLATBEDS, & DRY VANS --DIRECT SHIPPERS & BROKERS ??????Are your trucks moving like you want??????? WE HAVE ACCESS TO DIRECT SHIPPERS WE WORK WITH AND CAN KEEP YOUR TRUCKS MOVING!!! CALL 551-697-9294 OR Email [email protected] for more information and to get the pay you DESERVE!!! WHAT WE DO: We'll book loads for you while you are on the road. We'll do it day in and day out and keep your truck(s) loaded!!!!! No more lost money and time: i.e. long distance phone bills for time spent calling and being placed on hold for long periods of time only to be told later that the load was already booked by another company or carrier. Load Planning - Dispatch - Driver Recruiting - Owner Operator Recruiting Invoicing - Factoring We provide everything from dispatching your trucks, to recruiting, invoicing, and being your virtual office while you are on the road and more! We can become your representative and handle the day to day. WHO WE ARE; We are a Load Planning, Dispatching, Logistics, and Administrative Service for Owner Operators and Small Fleets. You will find no other service more reliable or professional. We can dispatch your truck or fleet, plan your loads and save you time so your time on the road will optimize your revenue generating potential. We do not only plan and dispatch your loads and we will successfully negotiate top rates from brokers and/or shippers for you as part of our service. We'll make sure you or your company optimizes the time spent out on the road. You'll have the final decision on which loads and where you want to run. Your Personal Dispatcher will work hard to find and secure the best paying loads. Using our truck dispatch service pays! We are actively seeking Trucks, Owner Operators, and Small Fleets. Join a Great Team! Contact us today: To Qualify: -Must have own Authority and CDL -Must have own Operating Equipment -Must have a Satisfactory Safety Rating We specialize in 48 & 53' Vans, Reefers, and Flatbeds.